Best 16 Inch Chainsaw – Top Picks, Reviews & Guide 2023

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You might have some experience using a chainsaw for a couple of small jobs, but now you want something more powerful.

It’s time to get a mid-range chainsaw that can deliver more power and versatile uses.

For this purpose, the smart choice would be to get the best 16 inch chainsaw you can afford!

If you’re experienced with lightweight chainsaws, then a 16-inch one will be perfect to step up your skill.

The versatile uses make 16 inch chainsaw one of the most popular choices for home use. That also makes it hard to choose the right one for you.

Hence, we have analyzed the market and made a list to help you. 

We have reviewed 6 top-rated 16 inch chainsaws with their features and other information you can see in no time. 

Let’s have a look at them now!

A Quick Comparison of Best 16 in chainsaws

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Top 6 Best 16-Inch Chainsaw – Reviews

1. CRAFTSMAN 41BY4216791 Gas powered chainsaw

The Craftsman 41BY4216791 is a gas engine chainsaw that deserves to be on this list because of its significant functions and affordable price range. 

This lightweight product has the simplest technology to start the machine just in a second.

You can be a professional or a novice, but handling this tool is much more convenient than any other 16-inch gas chainsaw out there!


  • Lightweight body
  • Simple function
  • Comfortable use


  • The softcover doesn’t last long

    2. Husqvarna 435 Gas powered Chainsaw

    The Husqvarna 435 is a versatile combination of a 16-inch gas chainsaw and a chainsaw chain.

    Husqvarna has always brought up their A-game in their tools, and this one too is not behind! With a weight of 11.68 lbs, this lightweight product kickstarts the moment you pull it on.

    The 2.2 horsepower, along with the 2900 rpm speed put the machine into making clean and precise cuts.

    The price may seem a bit higher than the average, but you will know your money is well spent after using it.


    • Portable
    • Quick to start
    • Low vibration
    • Bar cover to protect the chainsaw from dust


    • It can be a bit expensive.

    3. EGO Power+ CS1604Battery Powered Chainsaw

    Considering the high-end quality and performance of this EGO Power+ CS1604 features, you shouldn’t be surprised at us recommending this one! 

    If you have a 14-inch diameter of hardwood or an 18 feet long tree to cut, this is your ‘it’ product! 

    One tiny problem you might face with the small inlet filter, it needs more time to fill the tank with oil. 

    However, this chainsaw can cut through an 8-inch log in under ten seconds!

    Not to mention the 5-year warranty you will get with it!

    Currently, this is the best 16 inch cordless chainsaw of all the available options.


    • Long battery life
    • Easy to use
    • Includes battery and chain


    • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

    4. Makita XCU04PT1 – Battery Powered 16″ Chainsaw

    The Makita brand has been making great power tools for a long time.

    As for the 16 inch cordless chainsaw, the XCU04PT has had great reviews for its easy-to-use nature and simple functions. 

    The powerful dual battery with the 16 inch guide bar can be used to cut logs and medium trees, pruning, bucking firewood, etc. 

    In addition, you don’t have to spend extra time cleaning this tool due to its advanced weatherproof technology.

    The chain might be a bit underwhelming considering the overall design, but the other parts are well-built.


    • Easy to start
    • Lightweight
    • Well-balanced tool
    • Chainsaw less prone to wear-and-tear


    • Moving the tension wheel is troublesome

    5. WORX WG303.1 Electric Chainsaw (Corded)

    If you are looking for a 16 inch corded electric chainsaw that will feel comfortable handling, the WORX WG303.1 is the best one in this field.

    This sturdy machine has an ergonomic design that allows you to relax and work for a long time.

    Considering the dangerous power tasks a regular chainsaw does, this machine is surprisingly lightweight.

    But this machine has an instant chain brake feature to prevent accidents.

    The auto-tension and the auto lubrication system make sure the chain is not over-tight and working properly.


    • Handy tool
    • Comfortable grip
    • Easy to operate
    • Value for money


    • The bar needs too much oil

      6. CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 Corded Electric Chainsaw

      As a lightweight chainsaw with a 6.19 lbs weight, the CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 is our final entry in this 16 inch chainsaw list. 

      This unit may look small, but the prominent sawing performance of the 12 AMP power motor proves that the looks can be deceiving.

      Compared to other chainsaws, this may require extra oil for lubrication. Then again, no priming is required. It has an extra battery usage option to serve you for a long time.

      The D-shaped handle is comfortable to hold and would fit better on large hands. This chainsaw also comes with a 3-year warranty and a money-back option. 


      • Durable
      • Ergonomic design
      • Low maintenance
      • Affordable


      • Not recommended for the heavyweight job

        How To Buy The Best 16 Inch Chainsaw?

        A chainsaw is a tricky power tool due to its capacity and versatility.

        Therefore, to choose among various lucrative options, you have to think wisely before obtaining one.

        To find the best 16-inch chainsaw, you should consider some basic attributes like the ones described below.

        Power Type

        Chainsaws can run on gas, battery, or electricity. With more or fewer similarities, all these have some different features to offer.

        A gas chainsaw is the most powerful one but emits fuel; a battery chainsaw is eco-friendly but works only for a certain time. 

        Electric chainsaws can be used for a long-time, but; they aren’t portable.

        Think about the job you want a chainsaw for. Is it for domestic management or construction work?

        If you want an eco-friendly tool, a battery-powered chainsaw or a corded chainsaw would be great.

        But if you want the most powerful performance, a gas-powered chainsaw is what you need.

        Safety Measure

        A chainsaw is an extremely dangerous tool; it can cause serious injuries if it isn’t handled carefully. 

        Therefore, when buying a chainsaw, the protection measure of the machine is something you shouldn’t ignore.!

        Check out beforehand if your selected chainsaw has the essential safeguard features like a chain brake, auto on/off switch, low kickbacks, etc.

        The durability of your chainsaw depends on the efficiency of the bar and chain of the machine. The more lubrication they get, the more they last.

        Depending on the mechanism, a chainsaw can have a manual or automatic chain oiling system.

        The first one is controlled by yourself hence; you can decide how much oil you need to use.

        The latter can be fixed or adjustable. Adjustable oiling is actually the best option as you can customize the rate of constant oil screaming.

        Ergonomic Design

        Working long hours with a chainsaw is tiring and can cause strains on your hand and back.

        Always look for a chainsaw that provides you the maximum comfort throughout the work.

        Frequently Asked Question 

        When should I replace my 16 inch chainsaw?

        To avoid any major accident, a replacement is in order if your chainsaw starts to wear out.

        The tool might feel unstable while in use, broken teeth, uneven cuts, making a rattling sound, producing smoke, etc. are some basic signs indicating that you should change your chainsaw.

        What size chainsaw would be ideal for me?

        Picking the right size of a chainsaw is not a very hard task. You only need to think about the job type you need the chainsaw for. 

        If you need to do some light-duty work like pruning or trimming branches, a shorter chainsaw will do. The heavier the work is, the larger your chainsaw has to be.

        What can you do with your 16 inch chainsaw?

        Normally a chainsaw is best for felling trees, cutting logs, pruning branches, etc.

        However, the job extent determines the size of a chainsaw. There are several cutting jobs that you can execute with your 16 inch chainsaw.

        They can be light domestic works like pruning and trimming thick tree branches of your garden, or some heavyweight jobs like felling medium-sized trees, cutting firewood, splitting logs, etc.

        What Are The Popular Chainsaw Brands?

        There are lots of popular Chainsaw Brands in the market. But from my point of view, these are the most popular: 

        1. Craftsman

        2. Husqvarna

        3. Stihl

        4. Dewalt

        5. Greenworks

        Final Words:

        After carefully reviewing all the products from my best 16 inch chainsaw list, the Craftsman 41BY4216791 is leads the race by the slightest margin! 

        This 16 inch gas chainsaw has all the necessary traits you want in your tool.

        Starting from the durability to the power-packed performance, it’s evident why the users love it.

        If I have to pick another product as the second-best, the EGO Power+ CS1604 cordless chainsaw is the closest to the first one due to its terrific performance.

        While this one needs batteries to run, the sheer smoothness of each cut it makes is incredibly satisfying.

        Lastly, there is another 16-inch chainsaw that fits those who are tight on budget.

        The CRAFTSMAN CMECS600 corded chainsaw can be used for most domestic saw sessions without difficulty. It also has the option to use batteries as extra backup!

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