Best 50cc Chainsaw of 2022: The Six Best Options to Look

When it comes to bucking and limbing, a hand saw barely gets you anywhere.

You need a power tool that is not only fast but also produces neat cuts along the way.

And what better option than a 50cc chainsaw for your wood projects, right?

The right chainsaw can help you shape big trees and landscape your yard for the better.

But, of course, let's not forget all the beautiful log furniture you'll be building!

Having the best 50cc chainsaw also means that you're set for the winter. After all, the 2×4 planks are not going to cut themselves.

If you ask us, both a gas-powered and an electric model have their benefits. Depending on your intended use, we have shortlisted six great 50cc chainsaws from top-tier brands.


Each of them is ergonomic, has incredible motor strength, and has excellent portability for your landscaping and woodworking projects.

Of course, they come in different bar lengths so that you can find your perfect fit!

So, without further ado, let's find out more about the chainsaws!

Best 50cc Chainsaw Comparison

CRAFTSMAN 41AY4218791 S185 42cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Lightweight...
Craftsman 41AY4218791 S185 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
Bar Size
18 Inch
23.4 Pounds
Simple Pull Start and Lightweight Design, Adjustable Automatic Oiler, Lower Vibration Level
Prime Eligibility
CRAFTSMAN 41AY4218791 S185 42cc 2-Cycle 18-Inch Lightweight...
Craftsman 41AY4218791 S185 42cc Full Crank 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw
Bar Size
18 Inch
23.4 Pounds
Simple Pull Start and Lightweight Design, Adjustable Automatic Oiler, Lower Vibration Level
Prime Eligibility

Top 6 Best 50cc Chainsaw - Reviews

A chainsaw ain’t any rare piece of tech that you’ll have to break a sweat to get.

Actually, there’re hundreds of them, and that number is more than enough to get you confused with the purchase.

1. Husqvarna 450 Rancher - Best Overall 

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The first chainsaw from our best 50cc chainsaw list is Husqvarna 450 Rancher.

If you think that a bigger job always needs a bigger tool or machine, you probably haven't met the 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw from Husqvarna.

In a sense, call it a chainsaw or a powerhouse; both names are perfect for this one.

You just can't stop admiring this piece of tech once you get to see its 50cc X-Torq engine.

This bad boy has successfully pulled both low emissions and fuel efficiency in its list of features.

On top of that, with 3.2 horsepower, it can push the power up to 9,000 RPM!!

Still think you'll have any problem with cutting those stubborn trees off.

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 450 Rancher



Centrifugal Air System

While you’ll be dealing with your tasks, it leaves no chance of reaching the dust to the air filter. Plus, with the convenient quick-release, replacing and cleaning the filter will start to feel like a piece of cake to you.

Automatic Chain Oiler

To keep things away from getting complicated and unsafe, team Husqvarna has added the Automatic chain oiler. So, if you’re looking forward to getting the proper supply of the oil on the bar and chain, you ain’t going to be disappointed.

Low Vibration Level

450 Rancher will not get you the feeling of holding a Gatling gun with its vibration for sure. To be honest, there's a slight chance of you getting another tool of this kind with that kind of low vibration level.

Intertia-activated Chain Brake

Its Intertia-activated chain brake took the vote in its favor in the question of safety. So now, while working alone with 450 Rancher, safety will be the last thing you'll have to worry about.

  • Can deliver a high RPM
  • Keeps the vibration low
  • Air filter is too easy to clean/replace
  • Ensures safety with the chain brake
  • Highly convenient refueling system
  • A rubberized handle would’ve been better

2. Poulan Pro PR5020 - Runner Up

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We wouldn’t have agreed earlier, but now there’s no way to deny that Poulan Pro knows how to keep themselves on the top of the game.

Especially after seeing PR5020, the 50cc 2 Cycle Gas Chainsaw of this manufacturer, we think you’re going to agree to that too.

You’ve already got the number above on its engine power, which is 50cc.

If you love buying your things after a little comparison, then we better tell you that average-sized chainsaws can push it only up to 45cc (approx.).

So, if you’re planning to put it on a bit heavier task, this one ain’t going to let you down.

Features And Benefits of Poulan Pro PR5020



Oxypower Engine Technology

Besides taking care of all the power you need, it also offers 70% fewer emissions. And fuel consumption? Count it 20% lower this time. Seems it's time to save some money on the fuel after all.

Pull Starting System

Thanks to its pull starting system that made it easier to get started without wasting 30% of your force.

Easy-To-Change Air Filter

Sooner or later, you'll definitely have to put your hands on the air filter. But, don't worry; its tool-free service access will help you out there by keeping it easy and fast at the same time.

Advanced Anti-Vibration System

Its advanced anti-vibration system has made it super convenient to deal with the vibrations to save you from extra fatigue.

  • Ensures 70% less-emissions
  • Takes less effort to get started
  • Minimizes the fuel consumption level
  • Start mechanism is less prone to wear
  • Not the lightest one among chainsaws

3. Makita EA5000PREG - Premium Choice

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When you get to shop for your next chainsaw, the three words that keep roaming around your head are probably — power, low emission, and fuel efficiency.

Thankfully, team Makita has been able to put them all together in their EA5000PREG 50cc Chain Saw.

Let’s have a glance at its performance. The makers have poured all their efforts into making it a pure performance machine.

Its 50cc engine with the 3.9 HP pushing the max RPM up to 13,800 is a proof that it’s made to deal with nothing but the toughest jobs.

Features And Benefits of Makita EA5000PREG



Magnesium Housing

We often see manufacturers using heavier materials in the products to enhance durability. But team Makita thought of walking in the opposite direction by using Magnesium housing.

Spring-Assisted Starter

With the help of its spring-assisted starter and optimized engine management, you won’t have to invest too much of your energy to start it for your next cutting session.

Single-Lever Operation Mechanism

Do you often need to kill the power instantly? Then you’ve got a single-lever operation mechanism here to get that done just in seconds.

Advanced Vibration-Dampening System

It doesn’t have an Anti-Vibration Handle. Wait a minute! Who said team Makita will leave you alone with the ‘vibration’ hassle? With the advanced vibration-dampening system, the EA5000PREG will ensure a reduced vibration level while working.

  • Highly durable construction
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Requires less effort for the starting
  • Can work efficiently in cold weather
  • Comes with a plastic handle

4. XtremepowerUS 52cc Chainsaw - Best for heavy cutting

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So, what are you up against this time? Is it clearing up your land or filling up the stock of your firewood.

Don’t worry; if you’ve got something like the 52cc Chainsaw from XtremepowerUS, none of these will look like a tough nut to crack anymore. 

With the 20” bar and 52cc engine, it has pushed its performance level so high that you can only compare it to the best 50cc professional chainsaw.

This EPA-approved tool with its 2.7 HP can deliver you with an RPM of 12000.

So, even if you’re standing in front of a tree with a 30”-36” diameter, you can take it down in no time.

Features And Benefits of XtremepowerUS 52cc Chainsaw



EcoBoost engine

EcoBoost engine not only gets you the low emission and higher power but also significantly lowers the fuel consumption level. Thanks to its EcoBoost engine for pulling that off.

Electric Ignition and Quick Stopping Control

To finish off your days with force pulling while starting the engine, the makers have got the electric ignition backed by auto choke. And yes, it’s got the quick stop control here, in case you want to kill the power instantly.

Engine-clean Air-intake System

Engine-clean Air-intake System that leaves no chance for any dust to get into the engine.

Anti-vibration Design and Anti-kickback Chain

Its anti-vibration design is so effective that you won’t feel interrupted even for a minute while chopping off all of those woods. As a cherry on the top, its anti-kickback chain will back you up there.

  • Comes with EPA approval
  • Easy to start and stop instantly
  • Can generate a humongous RPM
  • Keeps vibration at a minimum level
  • Keeps the dust away from the engine
  • Not the lightest one in the market

5. CRAFTSMAN 41AY4218791 - Best for medium job

You might be thinking that, isn't it a review about a 50cc chainsaw?

Then what the 41AY4218791 Chainsaw from CRAFTSMAN is doing here with its 42cc engine?

That's because 42cc Gas Powered chainsaw is equally capable as lots of random machines written 50cc on it.

You've already heard about its power, but that's not the only thing to talk about this amazing cutting tech.

With steady power, ask for anything like comfort, speed, or lightweight; you'll get them all here.

Features And Benefits of CRAFTSMAN 41AY4218791



Simple Pull Start and Lightweight Design

On top of that, the lightweight design will make sure that you don’t deal with fatigue.


If a chainsaw has taken care of the kickback problem, then you can be pretty much sure that you ain’t going to have a problem with the quick and easy execution of tasks.

Thankfully, this is what you’re going to get from in the 41AY4218791 with its Low-kickback 18” bar and chain.

Adjustable Automatic Oiler

For keeping your hazards on a lower level with the maintenance, the makers have got the adjustable automatic oiler.

Lower Vibration Level

With the interference of its 3-point anti-vibration system, you won’t have a problem with taking care of tough jobs.

  • Highly convenient to start
  • Requires less of the maintenance
  • Ensures better control and durability
  • Has a decent but steady power level
  • Lightweight design lowers user fatigue
  • Packaging could’ve been better

6. Tanaka TCS51EAP - Best for Yard Clean up

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So, you don’t want to break the bank but still want a high-performance machine as your next woodchopper?

Well, then we think we’ve got a perfect match for you and it’s none other than TCS51EAP from Tanaka.

We know you’re not in the mood to pay for anything that comes with a low-class engine.

Thanks to the 50.1cc PureFire engine of commercial-grade that, you’ll get a superb performance out of it.

To ensure that nothing stands in your way, the makers have got it everything you’d like to have in your next chainsaw. 

Features and Benefits of Tanaka TCS51EAP



Powerful and Less Fuel Consuming

Won't you call it a beauty if it could get you everything you want with not only better power but also less fuel?

Then you count on the TCS51EAP for pulling that off perfectly. All you have to do is just put some fuel in it, start it, and let it do what it does the best.

Decompression Valve

Nothing can piss off someone better than a chainsaw that refuses to start easily. But to get rid of that hassle for good, team Tanaka has installed the Decompression Valve in this one. Now some gentle pulling will be more than enough to get it back to life.

Sprocket Nose Bar And Bumper Spikes

Losing control has never been a pleasing sight, no matter what kind of machine you’re dealing with. But if it’s something like a chainsaw, then you better add the word ‘dangerous’ to it. So, the makers have made sure that you’ll have full control while cutting things off as they’ve added a Sprocket nose bar and Bumper spikes in this one.

Adjustable Automatic Oiler

Adjusting the oil flow in a chainsaw ain't any child's play. But to take it on an easier phase, team Tanaka has included the Adjustable Automatic Oiler to maintain perfect oil flow on its bar and chain.

  • Delivers a powerful performance
  • Requires less fuel for operation
  • Easy to maintain the oil flow
  • Comes with a better control
  • Changing the air filter is very easy
  • Tension adjustment has scope for improvement

Frequently Asked Questions

What should be the ideal size of a chainsaw bar to take down a tree with a diameter of 30” – 36”?

If that’s the size you’re planning to deal with, then you better get a chainsaw that has a 20” bar.

Which one is the finest chainsaw with a 50cc engine?

We’ve already covered that in our best 50cc chainsaw review part, and we believe any of those chainsaws are capable of bringing up the performance level you’re looking for. But if you’re asking for any specific feature, then you can check out their specs to make your decision.

Can a 50cc chainsaw be used for the professional purpose?

It depends on what kind of professional work you are dealing with. If you are up against something with a size of 30” diameter or a little above, then some of the 50cc chainsaws can easily pull that off.

Which one is the lightest 50cc chainsaw?

If you’re planning to stick to the 50cc chainsaw segment, then the 450 Rancher Gas Chainsaw from Husqvarna will be the lightest one for you with its 11.2. lbs weight.

Which 50cc chainsaw will be better if it needs a change in the bar?

You can check out the TCS51EAP from Tanaka for that. It comes with a 20” bar, but if you need, you can switch to 16” or 18” as well.


Final Words

When we started to look for the best 50cc Chainsaw, Husqvarna 450  has literally snatched the top spot on our list.

With the humongous HP and amazing RPM, they've left no stone unturned to be a satisfying chainsaw. The only missing thing on it was just a rubberized handle.

But seeing the Poulan Pro PR5020 on the second spot was more surprising. Except its a little heavyweight, there was no way to question its efficiency.

But, to be honest, if you want to give an award for keeping the emissions and fuel consumption low, then you better give that to this one.

Now the question is, which one in our list can we call the right chainsaw for the money.

Well, its none other than the Makita EA5000PREG. A lightweight, well-balanced, fast starter, efficient vibration management – you just name it, and it's got it all cover.

You can't see any drawback in this one except its plastic handle.

We've also got three more of the great 50cc chainsaws on our list. So now you decide which one you'd like as your next "cut and chop" partner.