Best 60cc Chainsaw Reviews – 5 Stunning chainsaws in 2021

Like any other day, you went out with your chainsaw to cut and size woods. In the beginning, the saw was doing great.

But as soon as it encountered a thick limb of a tree, it bogged down! You’re asking yourself, what’s the matter? Why it’s not cutting?

In the meantime, your hand also started hurting due to holding that saw for a long time. What a painful position, right?

Nah…. we can’t let you suffer the pain anymore. We’re going to rescue you.

Wondering how?


Well, we have come up with the best 60cc chainsaw reviews so that there is nothing to bother you while working.

So, without wasting any more time, go through our selected chainsaw to get your preferred one.

A Quick Comparison of Best 60cc Chainsaw

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5 Best 60cc Chainsaw Reviews - 2021

A chainsaw is a very important tool that can help you as well as harm you during cutting woods. That’s why we’ve gathered plenty of them and then tested each one to find out any potential danger.

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Chainsaw - Top Picks

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When talking about the best 60cc professional chainsaw, it’s unacceptable if we don’t include the 460 Rancher from Husqvarna.

Whether you need to rip up an oak tree or pine tree, it’s going to chew them up just like that.

It comes with a 24-inch bar along with a 2-cycle engine that can reach intense 9000RPM speed.

With that speed, it can help you slice up tree trunks of two feet in diameter just like a piece of cake. 

So if you were thinking that we’re bluffing about its power, then get rid of it!

Besides, you can work for longer hours with this chainsaw without taking the stress of refilling, thanks to its large gas tank.

It integrates the X-Torq engine thereby, it won’t use up the fuel like a monster, thankfully.

That means there will be fewer emissions, which translates that it’s safe for your health and environment.

Want more? Here, this chainsaw from Husqvarna is a 22.6 pound sturdy beast that will back you up to cut off large limbs as well as small trees without a pause.

Even though it weighs more, you won’t feel that much weight owing to its ergonomic handle.

Further, low vibration technology has been put into the handle to make the grip more comfortable for you.

Impressed already? Wait, it has got more to offer. To make easy adjustments, it boasts smart start technology along with a side-mounted chain tensioner.

This 60cc chainsaw also has a chain brake which is inertia activated to cease the blade from turning quickly, making it safe for you to use.

And most importantly you can use it up pretty easily by following its fantastic and simple user manual.

So, please tell us, is there anything else you need after getting so much from this chainsaw?

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 460 Rancher



2-cycle engine

Helps to reach 9000RPM speed to cut down thick pieces of lumbers.

X-torque engine

It consumes low fuel. Also, the probability of gas emission gets lower at the time of using this chainsaw.

Ergonomic handle

Delivers profound balance while cutting woods.

Low-vibration technology

You’ll get a comfortable grip while working by holding the handle.

Smart start technology

Allows you to do adjustments effortlessly.


  • Two-cycle engine to generate more power
  • Less refill owing to the large tank
  • Produce less emission by the X-Torq engins
  • Low vibration technology for a comfy grip


  • Pretty expensive
  • Bulkier

2. SALEM MASTER 5820G Gas Powered Chainsaw - Runner up

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We found nothing but the 5820G gas-powered 60cc chainsaw from SALEM MASTER to put in the second place.

Yeah, the name sounds wired, but what’s left in the name, right? Apart from the name, it got plenty of useful features to offer you. Get down to know them.

To your surprise, it’s a 58cc gas chainsaw with a crazy 3.0 hp horsepower.

It supplies the power to its 16-inch bar to reach the speed up to 8500RPM. Thus you’ll be able to chop trees with more prominent efficiency.

Plus, the chain of this professional gas chainsaw is of premium quality that gives low-kickback. Not only that but also its bar is very tough and highly resistant to wear.

So to put all this together, you’re getting a long-lasting chainsaw. Aside from its extreme power and durability, you’ll just love the way it looks.

Besides, the bar and chain must get oil properly to offer a consistent cutting service.

No worries, with this chainsaw, you’ll get a system of automatic oil supply that will make sure you can use it effectively. The system will also extend the life of this chainsaw.

Furthermore, you probably know that most of the accidents occur while operating a chainsaw is due to hand fatigue.

You can wave away that worry as it comes with shock-absorbing non-slip handle design. As a result, you’ll find a secure and comfortable grip to work for prolonged hours.

To level up the security level, this 60cc saw from SALEM MASTER integrates a chain brake that instantly stops the chain.

Further, it comes with a safety switch so that it doesn’t start up accidentally. With this chainsaw, you’re actually in a safe hand.

Features And Benefits of SALEM MASTER 6220H



Premium quality chain

It delivers low kickback while working so that you can work easily.

Tough bar

Prevents wear so that you can work with this bar for a long time

Auto oil supplier

Keeps the bar and chain oiled properly to provide you flawless cutting.

Shock absorbing handle

You won’t feel hand fatigue while working due to this handle.

Safety switch

Prevents the machine to start accidentally to keep you safe.


  • Automatic oil supply for effective use
  • Provides security by the safety switch
  • Shock-absorbing handle to avoid hand fatigue


  • Difficult to install bar and chain

3. COOCHEER 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw

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If you’re not convinced by the aforementioned Best 60cc chainsaw, then we hand over you the 62cc chainsaw from COOCHEER.

It’s a sturdy and durable chainsaw that can cut through whatever you throw at it, just like that.

Now, if you ask what makes this 60cc chainsaw stands out? Well, it is all about quality. It uses high-temperature resistant top-notch ABS plastic for its construction.

Thus, you can use it regardless of scorching heat for as long as you want.

Besides, the engine is resistant to wear and high-temperature which is great news if you’re doing summer jobs. It’s going to back you up for hours.

So, don’t fear the heat. Just apply some suns cream on you and start to GHRIRRR….

Not only the engine and body but also the chain of this chainsaw from COOCHEER has great wear resistance.

But how long will the chain last? Guess what, it will last 5 times longer than the typical chain, thanks go to the automatic chain oiler and super air filter for doing so.

As it stands, by holding it, you’re getting a 2-cycle gas powered 62cc engine with 3.5hp power. As a result, it will deliver mighty strength to its 20-inch bar to cut down trees with a diameter up to 27" to 33”. That’s quite a relief for you, isn’t it?

Moreover, operating a chainsaw requires proper balance and comfort. And that is done by its slide-free handle that will provide you with a very comfortable grip. Thus, you won’t feel so much shake.

Nonetheless, you can start this machine pretty easily by using the big rope wheel. It’s literally really big that reduce the drag in half.

Meanwhile, it integrates valve throttle switch to ensure your safety and reliability.


Features And Benefits of COOCHEER 62CC Gas Powered Chainsaw



ABS plastic

You can work under any extreme weather owing to being housed in high-temperature plastic.

Automatic chain oiler

This extends the life of the chain 5 times more than typical chains of other chainsaws.

Slip-free handle

Prevents shaking while working. Also gives a comfortable grip and balance.

Big rope wheel

It will help to start the machine without any effort.


  • Offers mighty power by 3.5hp
  • ABS plastic to offer enduringness
  • Easy to hold by the slide-free handle
  • High-temperature resistant engine for working in hot weather


  • Bad instruction manual

4. Garwinner Gas Chainsaw 62cc - For the money

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Our next 62cc gas chainsaw is from Garwinner. It’s the best 60cc chainsaw for the money you can get your hands on.

Moreover, it’s worth trying out at for people who work occasionally. Hard to believe? Then check it out.

Featuring 2-stroke motors, this is a gasoline chainsaw that supplies outstanding 8500RPM power to its 20-inch bar.

As a result, you can take down any sort of small tree even thick branches by using it at ease.

Its inherent safety brake that will minimize your risk of working by giving low kickback. Aside from that, with this chainsaw, you’re getting an electronic ignition system.

It’s a wonderful and, most importantly, reliable system that ensures smooth running.

Plus, unlike other chainsaws, it offers you a simple and intuitive installation of the chain. Thanks to the Garwinner for integrating knob style function to tight the chain automatically.

Judging the power, you might think that it consumes fuel enormously, right? Actually, the answer is no.

Its crankcase engine of 2 stroke aluminum literally takes up less fuel, which translates to fewer gasoline emissions. You can thus work for hours without taking a pause for refilling.

While tree felling and woodcutting, the most common complaint of lumberman is hand fatigue. In fact, a sore hand leads to unwanted accidents.

However, since it comes with anti-vibration handles both on front and back, you can operate it effortlessly with utmost comfort.

Not only that but the handle also has cushion warp so that you can get optimum balance, desired maneuverability while operating it. You can forget the worry of a painful hand.

And guess what, this 60cc chainsaw incorporates auto chain lubricator. Thus the friction will get reduced between the chain and guiding board to prolong the using life.


Features And Benefits of Garwinner 60cc Gas Chainsaw 



Electronic ignition system

It’s a reliable system used for running the machine smoothly and freely.

Anti-vibration handle

This handle will give you the comfort you need while working.

Cushion wrap

You’ll get proper balance and be able to maneuver it however you want.

Auto chain lubricator

Extends the using life by reducing the friction between the chain and the guiding board.


  • 8500RPM to cut woods effortlessly
  • Provides protection by the safety break
  • Anti-vibration handles to reduce hand fatigue
  • Long-lasting chain due to auto chain lubricator
  • Knob style chain tightening function for ease of chain installation


  • Cheap air filter

5. OppsDecor 62CC Gas Chainsaw

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You went to cut the wood! And your chainsaw disastrously failed to do your task. Does this happen to you pretty often? Then its high time you try out the best 60cc chainsaw from OppsDecor to get your work done.

This chain saw comes with a 62CC 2-stroke 3.5HP gasoline engine to provide optimum power to a 20-inches bar.

And you will say ‘wow’ to know that it can reach up to 8500RPM. That’s enough to tear apart any wood you want.

Aside from that, this chainsaw intakes 20% less fuel thereby, it produces fewer emissions. Good for you as well as the mother earth, right?

Another important aspect of it is that it has been housed in ABS plastic. Thus it gets the power to conquer high temperatures and doesn’t get age quickly.

You therefore, will get the durability, stability which will enhance your work efficiency.

Now handling this machine is a breeze, thanks to its shock-proof soft rubber handle. You won’t feel much vibration, which will ultimately provide you more stability while cutting.

In fact, its rod and chain remain lubricated all the time owing to its automatic chain oiler. As a result, you don’t need to worry about oiling it very often.

As such, the air purification system is there to keep the engine clean so that the service life of the air filter extends.

Unlike other chainsaws that give a hard time while starting, you can start it pretty easily by using its big rope wheel.

Besides, it has got an auxiliary start system along with quick stop control so that you can use it with less cord pulls.

Nonetheless, you’ll get a tool kit as well as installation instructions to install this machine at ease.

Features And Benefits of OppsDecor 60CC Chainsaw



ABS plastic housing

Makes it durable to work under high temperature.

Shock proof handle

This minimizes the vibration while working to give you the exact stability needed.

Automatic chain oiler

It enhances the efficiency of both chain and bar.

Air purification system

Increases the life of the air filter by keeping the engine clean.


  • Offers great strength by the 3.5HP power engine
  • Ease of hand due to shockproof handle
  • Effortless to start by the big rope wheel


  • Relatively a little bit noise

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my 60cc chainsaw is not oiling?

Probably it's because of the oil system blockage. You should clean up the sprocket tip to ensure that the oil can go forth from the hole to reach the chain. Then wash the channel running around the edge of the bar to make sure that oil is not getting blocked by the clogged channel.

Which oil should I use for my 60cc chainsaw?

You should use canola oil for your chainsaw bar. This oil has the capacity to deal with high heat, and it protects the bar as well as the chain from ruinous friction. But for that, you have to keep the bar lubricated during cutting. Not only that, but canola oil is also good at handling the lower outdoor temperatures.

What is the reason behind too much smoke of my chainsaw?

Though a chain saw produce heat at the time of use, it should never begin smoking. The reasons however behind smoking are most likely due to the lack of air along with lack of lubrication either to the chain guide bar or to the engine.

Is it ok if use my chainsaw on wet wood?

Yes, it’s ok to use your chainsaw to cut wet wood. In fact, the chain of your chainsaw is already wet though not with water. So, the efficiency won’t be changed by using your chainsaw if you start cutting through wet wood.

Final Verdict

We have covered almost all the best 60cc chainsaw you can find out in the market.

Each product has its advances and very few drawbacks. We believe that anyone who works with wood will find their ideal chainsaw amongst our collection.

Our winner Husqvarna 460 Rancher has all the potential you can ask for. It’s fuel-efficient, powerful as well as well-balanced. Most importantly it rips woods like paper.

The one thing that may bring sweat is its heavyweight. But overall, it’s our prior recommendation.

The runner up in our review is the SALEM MASTER 5820G . From its durable blade to low-kickback chain and auto-oiling system, everything works brilliantly.

If you can manage to install the blade and chain by giving some efforts, it’ll be ready to rock.

 People who are pressed for the budget can go for the 60cc chainsaw from Garwinner. It’s a real value for money that is easy to use and offers a handful of useful features. Only the botheration is with its complicated user manual.