Best Chainsaw for Beginners and Some Tips for 2021

Surroundings of your house have been jammed with trees weeds and bush. You have been thinking to clean them up for a long time. But, you need something to do that task quickly and easily.

In that case, you cannot think of anything else than a chainsaw. However, is this the first time you’re going to use it? Yes!

Ok…then you need the best chainsaw for beginners. After handing you a chainsaw, we’ll also discuss some of the tips so that you can use your chainsaw properly and safely.

5 Best Chainsaw for Beginners

We tested dozens of models. Used each one to cut different woods under different conditions. We also looked at the safety features, as the models are for beginners. After completing all the necessary tests, we got the preferable top 5 models.


Want to deal with smaller tasks like fallen limb cutting and brunch pruning? Then here is what you should consider first, the BLACK+DECKER LCS1240B, which might be the best chainsaw for beginners or those who are new in the field of sawing.

The bar size that it packs is around 12-inch; it might be not that bigger yet more than enough to cut up a variety of small-sized trees and woods. Besides, the 40V MAX battery allows you to work very smoothly. Without facing any issues, you can make nearly 60 cuts in a single charge.

For quick and easy chain adjustment, this particular saw has got a tool-less chain tensioning system. And the automatic oiler is designed to enhance the efficiency of the chain as well as the bar.

Features and Benefits of BLACK+DECKER LCS1240B



Wraparound handle

For ensuring maximum comfort, the saw packs a rubber-molded gripping area.

Moderate weight

Transferring it from job to job will be a piece of cake, as this one includes not more than 8.3 pounds of weight.

Front handguard

Keeps users away from debris or such type of things.

Safety switch

The saw equips a specific lock-off button for preventing accidental starting.

  • Compatible with newbies
  • Includes a safety switch
  • Weighs just around 8.3 pounds
  • Can make 60 cuts in a charge
  • Sports a 40V MAX battery for better functionality
  • The wraparound handle maximizes comfort level
  • Users have to spend extra pence to get a battery and charger!

2. Makita UC4051A

You can pick up this one from Makita if you are interested in a corded-version instead of a battery-powered one. It's powerful, compact, and relatively easy to operate as well.

First off, Makita UC4051A is powered by a 14.5-amp motor that delivers a maximum speed of around 2900 FPM. Like our previous pick, you can get a tool-free chain tensioner for quick chain adjustments.

Beginners require an easy-to-hold handle so that they can grab it for long without facing any issues. Considering the fact, this champ has got a rubberized grip handle, which is way too comfortable than the typical "plastic handles.”

The bar size is slightly bigger than our previous model of Black + Decker; it enables users to slash some of the different types of woods and trees with minimal effort.

In order to maintain a sufficient amount of lubricant on the chain, the device has got an automatic oiling system. Besides, you can get a large-sized oil reservoir with a clear-view window to check the level of oil in a smart and easy way.

Features and Benefits of Makita UC4051A



Current limiter

Designed to save the motor from burning issues. It decreases the power when the saw gets overheated or overloaded.

An electric chain brake

Increases productivity.

Large trigger switch

From now on, you can smoothly turn the device ‘on.’

Compact shape

Enables you to enter into the hard-to-reach areas effortlessly.

Low kickback chain

Enhances performance levels.

  • Packed with plenty of power
  • Requires less time to adjust the chain
  • Rubberized gripping area increases comfort
  • Ideal for cutting small to mid-sized branches
  • Free from overloading and overheating issues
  • Seems a bit weaker when it comes to the built-quality!

3. WORX (WG304.2)

Are you still searching for the best electric chainsaw for beginners? If so, then take a look at this model from WORX. With its 18-inch large-sized bar, you will be capable of chopping numerous types of trees and woods in a breeze.

The motor that it packs is around 15.0-amp for allowing you to utilize this saw on heavy tasks. It equips a lot of power yet comes with a moderate price tag, thankfully!

Its auto-tension chain enables users to prevent over-tightening issues. Besides, the low kickback chain is designed to increase the overall performance and ensure maximum safety at the same time.

The capacity of the oil tank is around 500 ml, which is enough for do-it-yourselfers as well as beginners. For adjusting the chain rather quickly, this masterpiece includes an efficient tool-free chain tensioning system. Along with the tool, you can get a blade-protection cover and lubrication oil.

Features and Benefits of WORX (WG304.2)



Auto-lubrication system

It always keeps your saw’s chain well-oiled for quicker yet better cuts.

An efficient chain brake

For preventing accidental cutting, the chain brake is designed to turn the chain off immediately.

Full-wrap gripping area

Allows you to make a firm grip without cutting down comfort levels.

Lightweight structure

Despite being powerful, it weighs only 11.2 pounds for user convenience.

Oversized knob

Engineered to protect your saw’s bar and chain.

  • Superior motor with a large-sized bar
  • Has got a wrap-around grip for better comfort
  • Free from chain over-tightening issues
  • Stops accidental cutting
  • Minimizes kickbacks
  • Poor oil reservoir!

4. Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna T435 comes with a lightweight structure, which could be a plus point for those who are looking for an easy-to-carry chainsaw. Because of its small and light frame, anyone—especially beginners—can hold it for hours and hours with ease.

It looks way too attractive while you compare it with the typical gas-powered saws. Alongside the appearance, it offers a 12-inch bar to slash small-sized woods within a snap.

Speaking of power, the beast boasts a 35.0cc engine to provide maximum strength. It’s actually more than enough for beginners who want to complete small to medium tasks efficiently. And you know, it's tough to beat in terms of rigidity, this son of a gun is covered with a solid frame to ensure ultimate durability.

Good to know, the rate of fuel consumption will be pretty less if you get your hands on the Husqvarna T435. And the unique rope attachment makes hoisting this saw into a tree pretty much simple.

Features and Benefits of Husqvarna T435



Side-chain tensioner

Enables users to tighten or adjust the chain very quickly.

Fast-release air filter

Helps you clean or replace the filter within a short period. 

Anti-Vib feature

The chainsaw is well-known for offering less vibration, the credit goes to the anti-vibration system it packs.

Chain brake

Decreases the chance of accidental starting.

X-force bar and x-cut chain

The saw is a perfect combination of an x-cut chain and an x-force bar for ensuring better performance.

  • Powerful engine with a durable frame
  • Only 7.5 pounds for better portability
  • Consumes little amounts of fuel
  • Takes a short time to clean or replace filters
  • Decreases vibration levels while cutting
  • The gas tank seems a bit small!

5. Echo CS-2511T

Here is our final pick from the Echo, which should meet the requirements of beginners in terms of cutting small to mid-sized trees. This gas-powered version includes adequate power yet packs a lightweight structure.

Because of its 5.2 pounds of weight, anyone can carry it up to hours without any fatigue; in addition, this little champ includes an easy-to-grip handle to ensure better comfort at the time of forest logging, wood carving, or ice sculpting.

Adjusting chains will be as easy as pie because of the side chain tensioner. Plus, you can maintain constant lubrication while working, thanks to the automatic oiler system it equips.

The professional-grade 25.0cc engine is enough to provide superior power; besides, its 14-inch double-guard bar is engineered to chop up several types of woods. Overall, Echo CS-2511T could be a better choice for newbies who want to begin DIY missions with an easy-to-run chainsaw!

Features and Benefits of Echo CS-2511T



Quick-start option

The saw needs only a few seconds to start-up.

An efficient air pre-cleaner

Designed to keep the filter spick and span.

Adjustable oiler

Always keeps the chain well-oiled.

Average fuel capacity

6.4 fl oz is enough for beginners.

Compact design

Able to make precise cuts in hard-to-reach areas.

  • One of the most lightweight chainsaws
  • Equipped with an easy-to-grab handle
  • Requires just a few seconds for starting
  • Compatible with small to mid-sized trees
  • 25cc engine ensures maximum power
  • Awkward chain brake!

Chainsaw Tips for Beginners

If you are a new chainsaw user, it's a must to learn some common yet efficient things concerning this tool so you can keep yourself free from accidents or injuries. In this section, our expert team will provide some of the necessary chainsaw tips for beginners, and these tips will definitely help you to run a saw properly, stay tuned!

Know the Capability of Your Saw

First off, you have to know the capabilities of your chainsaw before operating. A saw with small-sized bars could be easy to handle, but honestly, it won't help you a lot to cut up massive-sized trees.

Besides, you have to focus on the power of your saw so that you can complete your wood-cutting task with accuracy. The motor/engine/battery should be quite powerful if you want to accomplish heavy jobs.

In a word, considering the capability is a must for every user, whether you are a beginner or an expert woodcutter. Alongside these things, you have to focus on a few matters, for example:

  • You have to check the chain of your chainsaw, which should be not much loose and not too tight.
  • Right amount of lubrication on the bar and chain is the key to perform nicely.
  • The cutting edges and teeth should be sharp enough.

Put on Safety Dresses

Whether it's a saw or anything related to power tools, putting on safety dresses is very necessary to stay out of danger while cutting. Accidents could occur at any time, so wearing protective dresses could save you from minor to major injuries.

The dresses are as follows:
  • Protective gloves
  • Safety goggles or glasses
  • Hearing protection
  • A pair of safety boots
  • Helmet
  • Thick leather pants (optional)

Let's Turn On the Chainsaw!

While starting up your saw, make sure that the surface is far away from open fires and gas cans, and it's a safety matter!

Ensure to keep the cord away from fire, blade, or such type of things if you are operating a corded version. If you, on the other hand, are using a battery-powered saw, make sure that the battery is charged up.

Focus on the fuel level while running a gas-powered chainsaw. Keep in mind, the fuel should be environment-friendly.

Here, we are going to offer a few safety tips to start a chainsaw:

  • Keep yourself away from drop start; it's an advanced technique that is not applicable for newbies.
  • Avoid wrapping the starter rope around your hands, try to hold it directly.
  • Whether you are a new chainsaw user or a professional, always make sure to read the user manual before running such type of tools.
  • To minimize the chance of accidental kickback, never turn on the saw while the bar gets stuck in the woods.

Prepare Yourself While Cutting

Your tool is ready to do some action, but what about you? Well, you also have to be prepared for cutting up trees or woods efficiently; if not, you won't make your job perfect.

First off, put on necessary safety dresses, and then take your saw to start it up. Hold it firmly with both of your hands, keep the saw as close as you can. Place your feet tightly for ensuring a better balance.

Stay Away from Kickback

Yes, we all want to stay away from kickback, but it could happen at any time. So, as a beginner, you should maintain some specific rule for preventing chainsaw kickback, such as:
  • You have to grab the chainsaw handle firmly while chopping
  • Don't try to cut up woods with the end (tip) of the saw blade
  • Make sure to check the chain brake before starting up
  • Using a razor-sharp blade is another key to get rid of kickbacks

Check the Surroundings

Never cut trees or woods in harsh weather conditions, including snow, heavy wind, and rain. Make a good plan before felling a tree, clean up the area where you are going to work. And make sure to gather all the necessary things related to a chainsaw.

Maintain Your Chainsaw

Maintenance is a must if you want to use a chainsaw for up to ten years. After completing your cutting season, ensure to follow the below-mentioned tips:
  • Each and every bolt and part should be tight enough
  • Clean up the bar and chain after use
  • Re-oil the chain before storing it
  • Erase the sawdust from the air filter as much as you can

Frequently Asked Questions

For a beginner, what is the ideal bar size?

A beginner should always choose between small to medium-sized bars in order to reduce the possibility of accidents and kickbacks. If you are kind of those people who are very new in the field of sawing, make sure to pick the bar from 12 inch to 16-inch.

Is it dangerous to operate a top-handle chainsaw?

To be honest, yes. It could be very dangerous for beginners or those who don't know the proper way of using it. This is why we always suggest putting on safety dresses before operating a top-handle chainsaw.

Is an 18-inch bar big enough?

For a beginner, an 18-inch chainsaw bar is more than enough to accomplish most of the wood-cutting task. You can use it on mid to big-sized trees efficiently.

Which one should I choose to keep myself away from extreme noise?

There are a few models that equip an anti-vibration system to keep users away from irritating noise. If you need a noise-free chainsaw, then Husqvarna T435 is what you should pick up. Its anti-vib feature ensures zero noise while operating, so it could be a good option for those who don't want to deal with loud sounds.

Is it okay to cut wet woods through a chainsaw?

It is always better to let the wood dry under the sun before cutting. You might chop some wet woods through a chainsaw, but all saws are not much friendly with it, to be honest.

Final Verdict

We’ve covered the best chainsaw for beginners. We believe that each model has the capability of tackling down woodcutting jobs at ease. So pick the one that has the potential to meet your needs.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1240B cordless chainsaw is our top model. It’s lightweight and equipped with a powerful battery that offers long working hours. If you don’t need to do heavy wood jobs, then it’s going to be your best pal.

Makita UC4051A is our runner up. This offers comfort, balance, along with ensuring optimum safety. Fueling it may give you a hard time; other than that, it’s perfect!

Need a pocket-friendly chainsaw since you are tight on cash? Get your hands on the WORX WG304.2. Despite being inexpensive, this masterpiece has got a 15-amp motor with an 18-inch bar to cut up all types of woods effortlessly. While using the saw, you might have to deal with a flimsy oil reservoir, but overall, it's good enough!