Best Chainsaws For Camping 2023 [Review & Top Picks]

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Camping Chainsaws make cutting through a lot of dumb stuff in your campsite easy to manage.

To get through those obstacles or for fuel, you need the best chainsaw for camping.

When you’re keen on spending a lot of time from your comfort zone, you’ve got to get a good number of tools.

One tool you can’t leave out is a camping chainsaw with the right features for you. 

And not just the chainsaw’s features, but how they help you get a more comfortable camping trip.

So for a top choice, here’s the best camping chainsaw collection with every exciting feature you need.

Camping Ground Tree Felling Permissions – What You Need to Know

Note this Before you get your engines revved up and ready to cut through stuff, you’ve got to find out if tree felling is allowed in your chosen campsite.

You could decide to go camping on private property, so be doubly sure you’re allowed to bring down trees for wood during your stay.

Also, it’s likely for some camping grounds to have a lot of felled trees around. In most cases, campers are allowed to use these trees for firewood.

If you get to discover you’re not allowed to fall trees for wood in your chosen campsite, then you may have to go elsewhere.

However, there’re tons of camping sites in many US towns, so getting a great site shouldn’t be tricky for you.

Make sure you get your plans for tree felling confirmed in your chosen campsite, then ensure you pick one of the finest camping chainsaws money can buy below!

3 Best Chainsaws for Camping – Review

01. DEWALT DCCS620B – Cordless Chainsaw for Camping – (Top Pick)

For the best camping experience with a top-class chainsaw, you should make a cordless unit your choice.

DEWALT DCCS620B battery-powered chainsaws come with an anti-vibration tech to ensure your hands remain steady through any cutting operation. 

However, you should make this chainsaw your choice for a cleaner cut without any fear of injury or mishap.

A super-high-speed brushless motor is included in this chainsaw.

The motor guarantees the correct amount of energy supply to your saw, and that’s not all! Your chain runs at an incredible speed of 25 feet per second!

This maximizes your cutting power in ways you never imagined!

A small chainsaw for camping is perfect when it’s got the right bar length.

Since you’re not going to be engaging in a lot of cutting, it’s a must you don’t have excess baggage on your bar. That’s why this chainsaw comes with a 12” bar.

You also get an auto-oiling feature to protect your bar and chain from getting damaged.

Maintaining your saw is also a breeze with this saw. For you to know how quality this chainsaw is; there’s still more it provides. 

Also, you’ll be able to boost your camping trip with a lot of cash to spare, as this saw comes at an amazingly affordable price!


  • Lightweight design
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable lubing of your bar and chain
  • Decent bar length


  • Heavy cutting could be tricky with the small bar size

02. Husqvarna 120 Mark II – Gas Chainsaw For Camping – (Runner up)

Safety is a must when you need protection from kickbacks. That’s why Husqvarna 120 Mark II comes with an anti-kickback chain.

This high-tech chain allows you the right amount of time to react to a swift movement from your saw.

Chain tensioning is a must to provide the right amount of safety from any injury incident.

It also ensures you get through a lot of hard stuff with ease.

This saw also comes with a brake system to ensure you don’t get any serious injury from using your saw to boost your safety further.

A long 16” bar is added to this saw for more efficiency in cutting through many tough objects.

In addition, longer bars ensure a greater reach, meaning you’ll have more cuts done in less time.

An X – Torque engine is also added to this saw. It promotes lower fuel consumption and ensures you don’t have to use too much gas throughout your jobs.

Your chainsaw’s handle also gets you more comfort when you’re intent on operating your saw for longer.

It’s also fascinating you’ll get all these features for an incredible price.

With all the elements you get at this affordable rate, you’re also assured more value for money.


  • Lightweight
  • Simple tensioning system
  • Kickback prevention chain
  • Auto lubrication


  • Sometimes take time to start  

03. BLACK+DECKER LCS10 – Cordless Mini Chainsaw For Camping

For a stress-free camping trip as a camper, you’ve got to go well prepared.

If you’re intent on camping somewhere in America or Australia, you could get to see some tough trees and branches on the way.

To ensure nothing stands in your way, you have to get a top-class chainsaw.

BLACK+DECKER is a true candidate for the best chainsaw for camping you’ve got to consider to ease your camping trip better than you expected;

With a 20V Max battery, you’ll have a lot of time and cutting potential from this saw.

In addition, it packs a long-lasting feature that ensures you’re able to cut with this saw five times more than other chainsaws.

Also, you’ve got a high safety potential when using this saw if you’re out camping or anywhere else.

It’s got a low kickback chain which prevents a very bad injury from taking place. 

Its bar also comes with a safety-focused design, limiting the chances of a dangerous kickback incident.

For more comfortable operation, this saw comes with an easy-to-handle tensioning and tightening system.

The knob is located by the side of your saw and ensures your bar is securely fastened to your engine.

Also, it ensures your chain sits properly on your bar for smoother operation.

Also, it’s no secret that a small chainsaw should have the right bar size for cutting through a lot of stuff.

That’s why this saw comes with a 10” bar for slicing through a host of tough stuff when you’re out in the woods.

Lightweight tools have a lot of benefits, especially in tough environments. In this saw, the maximum weight you’ll have to lift is 6.8 lbs.

Such lightweight ensures you’re able to use this saw for any length of time you please without any drop in comfort.

When lubing is also a must, this saw’s got all you need and much more!

It comes with an automatic oiler to give your bar and chain the proper care during a cutting operation.

And this oiling feature is further maintained with a translucent tank added to the engine.

You’ll find no difficulty spotting if your saw’s getting low on bar oil. All these elements are complemented with an amazing price.

You don’t have to break the bank to enjoy your camping trip. It’s so fascinating what this saw provides, and it’s all for you!


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Easy to use
  • More comfortable grip
  • Interchangeable battery


  • Only suitable for small cutting tasks

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How Much Power is required in a Camping Chainsaw?

A camping chainsaw’s got the right amount of power. For a gas saw, you’ve got to have power within 35ccs and above.

For a battery-powered saw, a battery power of about 20V and above is ideal. 

There’s not much power required from a camping chainsaw since you’re less likely to cut through the very thick stuff.

What Power Type is best for a Camping Chainsaw?

The finest choice for a camping chainsaw concerning power type is a gas-powered Chainsaw.

If you’ve got the best electric chainsaw for camping, it’s ideal if you get a more mobile choice.

When you’re outdoors, you need a lot of power, even if there’s no electricity.

Battery-powered chainsaws are good for camping, but only when you’re not spending a lot of time outdoors.

What Size Chainsaw is The Best for Camping?

Chainsaws within 10” – 16” are perfect for cutting during camping.

What are The Best Places for Camp Firewood?

If you’re intent on camping and need a lot of firewood, there’re lots of spots for what you need. States such as Alaska, California, and Washington have a lot of trees perfect for making firewood.

Final Word

There’s a lot you’ve got to pack up for your camping trip.

I’ve made the selection job easy for you to get the right stuff for cutting through anything.

Make a choice for the Best chainsaws for camping, and get the most fun from your camping trip.

You’ll experience an awesome feeling when nothing can stand in your way!

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