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No one wishes for a raging storm to ravage their environment. But when it’s happened, you’ve got to pull yourself together and get the cleanup started.

Storm cleanup chainsaws are perfect tools for initiating a restoration effort. That’s why you need the best chainsaws for storm cleanup.

If you’re living in a dense natural environment in the United States, there’s a huge chance you’ll need a storm cleanup effort every now and then.

So make up your mind on the top choices in stores right now, and let no log or debris stand in your way!

Budget Friendly
WORX WG304.1 15 Amp 18 in. Electric Chainsaw (15 Amp,...
WORX WG304.1 15 Amp 18 in. Electric Chainsaw (15 Amp,...
Power Type
Corded Electric
Bar Size
16 Inch
11 Pounds
Auto bar/chain tensioning system, Anti-kickback chain, Inbuilt tank reservoir
Prime Eligibility
Budget Friendly
WORX WG304.1 15 Amp 18 in. Electric Chainsaw (15 Amp,...
WORX WG304.1 15 Amp 18 in. Electric Chainsaw (15 Amp,...
Power Type
Corded Electric
Bar Size
16 Inch
11 Pounds
Auto bar/chain tensioning system, Anti-kickback chain, Inbuilt tank reservoir
Prime Eligibility

5 Best Chainsaws For Storm Cleanup - Review 2020

01. Husqvarna 460 Rancher - Top Picks

When storms come around and a heavy cleanup is needed, it’s an ideal choice to get a Rancher for powerful cutting. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this chainsaw a top pick for heavy cutting;

What’s Standout in This Chainsaw?

First off, Husqvarna 460 Rancher packs a huge amount of power. It comes with a fully-loaded, 60.3cc gas engine to maximize cutting potential.

It’ll be less tricky to come off victorious against stubborn, thick stuff. Also, for the fastest speeds, this unit comes with a 9000rpm engine speed.

With such speed from this engine, it’s highly doubtful you’ll find anything difficult to get through.

And there’s much more for you with this engine’s centrifugal air cleaner, quick-open air filter and more! It’s surely among the most powerful chainsaws out there.

And the impressively long 20” bar adds to all the exciting features you get in this chainsaw.

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 460 Rancher



20” bar

Very long bar for maximizing cutting power and speed.

60.3cc gas engine

The powerful engine is the right choice for a range of cutting tasks.

Inertia chain brake

Chain brake system keeps you safe from a nasty kickback injury.


Brisk speeds from this chainsaw ensures nothing can withstand your cutting power

Side-mount chain tensioner

Easy-to-handle chain tensioner system for maximizing the operation of your bar and chain alignment

Quick-open air filter

Cheap maintenance of your engine’s filtration system. Effortless opening and fitting of your air filter


Decent weight for all the high-powered features of this chainsaw.

No assembly required

Frustration-free packaging makes sure operators encounter no hassles in getting the chainsaw together.

Centrifugal air cleaning

Air cleaning system prevents dirt, debris, and more from totaling your engine.

Anti-vibration system

Low vibration potential means you’ll find more precise cuts comfortable to manage.


  • Long reach, 24” bar
  • High-powered gas engine
  • Fast chain run rate
  • Engine protection features
  • Low vibration potential
  • Easy-to-use chain tensioner


  • Expensive

02. Echo CS-590 - Runner Up Pick

Chainsaw power is a must for a perfect storm cleanup effort. And that’s what you’ll get from this chainsaw, and much more!

What are The Helpful Features in This Chainsaw?

Echo CS-590 comes with a high-powered 59.8cc engine for maximizing cutting speed and run time.

The 20” bar adds to the quality you get from your saw. With an anti-vibration technology, your hands will remain steady through all cutting operations.

You’ve assured more precise cuts and limited injuries with this feature. Also, with an auto-oiler, your chainsaw supplies its bar and chain the right amount of lubing through its period of use.

It also has a two-handle design which assures a more comfortable grip. This feature limits the possibility of accidents when operating your saw.

Features And Benefits of Echo CS-590



59.8cc gas engine

High-powered gas engine ensures you get through whatever you want quicker than expected. Gas powered engine provides more torque and cutting power regardless of the object.


Unrivalled cutting speed is complemented with this feature. You’ll have no need to worry about sluggish chainsaw cutting.

20” bar

Long bar ensures you get through tough stuff with relative ease. The bar also makes this saw capable of a wide range of cutting operations more comfortably.

21.8oz fuel tank

The large fuel tank ensures the operator gets more run time.

Replacement chain

Extra chain for even more quality cutting

Auto–chain oiler (adjustable)

If you’re working on hard stuff, rely on this saw’s auto oiler. And to increase its relevance, you could get the oiler adjusted to fit your needs.

Anti-vibration technology

This tech comes with a provision for steadier hands. Your cutting will become more precise with this feature.

Two-handle design

The double hand design assures you’ll have more control over your chainsaw.

5 years warranty

The long warranty cover ensures you keep your investment protected.

Operating Manual added

To make sure you get the chainsaw’s operation just right.


  • Long bar
  • Easier grip
  • Extra-power gas engine
  • Large fuel tank
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Low vibration potential


  • Expensive
  • Plastic guard subject to easy damage

03. Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husky chainsaws rank high among standout chainsaws. And when it comes to high-powered cutting, these saws don’t disappoint. Let’s check out the elements of another exciting addition to this brand of power tools;

What’s Special about This Saw?

Husqvarna 455 rancher is perfect for landowner  because this chainsaw packs a lot of exciting elements that’ll make your cutting requirements easier to handle. It comes with a 55.5cc gas powered engine.

With such an engine, you could use this saw for a multitude of tasks.Also, it comes with an auto-oiler for proper lubing, and an X–Torque engine for lesser fuel consumption.

You’re also assured better cutting speeds as this saw comes with a 9000rpm speed.

Your saw is also protected with a centrifugal air-cleaning system and an inertia-triggered chain brake system. There’s more this saw offers, and they’re all for you!

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 455 Rancher



55.5cc gas engine

With such gas power from this chainsaw, it becomes easy to run through a range of tough objects in record time. Also, it features the ability for use in milling and other tough chainsaw operations.

20” bar

Long 20” bar perfect for cutting much thicker objects. Ideal for storm cleanups which require a long-reaching saw.

2-cycle engine

For better run time and bar speed, the 2-cycle design ensures your saw has all it needs to run smoothly.

Inertia chain brake

High-tech chain brake system for increased protection from kickback.

Also, the chain brake aids easier control of the saw’s bar.

Auto oiler

This feature ensures your bar and chain work at the right level for much longer. It also prevents chain links and bar damage.


Your engine assures there’s lesser fuel intake. You’re also guaranteed much lower gas emissions over time.


The lightweight chainsaw makes it more comfortable to handle for much longer periods.

Smart Start Tech

This technology makes it more comfortable to get this saw started. Very few pulls are required to get this chainsaw running.


Record speed rotations per minute aids swifter cutting through any hard object.

Centrifugal air cleaning system

Air cleaning system ensures users have the assurance of no dirt or debris damaging their chainsaw’s engine.


  • High-powered cutting
  • Quality air cleaning system
  • Easy start technology
  • Long bar for more comfortable operation
  • Easier maintenance potential
  • Automatic lubing


  • Some parts may get damaged during shipping
  • Expensive

04. Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

Battery-powered chainsaws have a potential of being ideal for cutting after a storm cleanup. And if you’re intent on going eco-friendly, a cordless chainsaw with such exciting features should be your focus;

What are The Helpful Elements of This Storm Cleanup Saw?

This saw comes with a brushless motor for a smoother, more responsive build. This motor and engine are powered with a 40V Li-ion battery for efficient energy supply for your saw.

This unit has a potential to cut at least 150 trees with every full charge.

Also, it comes at a very light 10.4lbs to ensure you can handle a chainsaw without much hassles.

You also get a comfortable chain tensioner for boosting ease in using your saw.For your safety, this chainsaw comes with an anti-kickback chain.

It also comes with a chain brake and auto-oiler for your engine’s safety.It’s a perfect choice for cutting through just about anything.

And a decent 16” bar improves on the awesomeness of this battery-powered chainsaw. 

Features And Benefits of Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw



Brushless motor

A brushless motor ensures you get smoother, faster cutting through any hard object you wish

G-MAX 40 V Li-ion battery (included)

The highly-durable battery assures longer and more comfortable operation of your chainsaw.


Lightweight assures you better operation of your saw. Your arms won’t feel tired from handling this saw for long

Easy chain tensioning system

The chain tensioning system makes setting up your saw more comfortable. It provides you the medium to get a perfect fit for your bar and chain.

150 cuts per full charge

Longer charge period assures a large number of trees are cut down within a short while.

Low kickback chain

Anti-kickback chain promotes the safety you get from using this chainsaw. It’ll keep you protected from any adverse incidents with greater ease.

Chain brake

Chain brake system increases safety you’ll get when making use of this saw.

Auto chain oiler

The auto oiler makes it easier for lubing your bar and chain. It also ensures faster cutting operations.

16” bar

Long bar ideal for cutting through a range of stuff with relative ease.

0.375” saw pitch

The saw pitch packs a neat cutting potential through a lot of hard objects.


  • Excellent chain pitch
  • Li-ion battery compatible
  • Higher torque potential
  • Anti-kickback chain
  • Brushless motor
  • Numerous safety systems


  • Leaking bar oil could be an issue in some units

05. WORX WG303.1 - For The Money

For more power and cutting speed, an electric chainsaw could be the perfect choice for you. And that’s why you should take a closer look at this saw’s specs;

What Does This Chainsaw Provide?

WORX WG303.1 comes with a high-powered 14.5Amp motor for smoother cutting power. Also, you’ll get an auto tensioner and bar tightening knob for better control of your saw.

For increased protection, this chainsaw also comes with an anti-kickback chain and a chain brake. You’d also get a built-in tank for continued lubing of your bar and chain.

It also comes with 12ms chain speed and 57 links in total for better, sharper cuts through dense objects.

It’s the perfect choice for cleaning up storms across seasons, and the long 3yr warranty adds to the exciting features of this saw.

Features And Benefits of WORX WG303.1



14.5 Amp motor

The motor on your engine assures there’s a superior cutting power throughout usage. Also, it provides similar power to gas chainsaws.

Auto bar/chain tensioning system

Proper tightening of your bar ensures you’re safe when operating this chainsaw. Also, the tensioner makes your chain links fit nicely onto your bar.  And the auto feature means you don’t need to go through any setup stress.

Anti-kickback chain

Low kickback potential chain perfect for cutting through hard stuff. Greatly reduces chances of kickback taking place.

Auto oiling

Auto chain oiler boosts the performance of your engine. Ensures hitch-free saw operation. Also prevents kickback from friction.

Chain brake

Brake system forestalls the incidence of injury from your chainsaw. Reduces the chain’s speed when sudden movements are detected.

12ms chain speed

Faster chain speed for cutting through a range of objects with relative ease. Coupled with the long bar, anything can be cut down more comfortably.

200ml tank

Large oil tank for proper, long-lasting bar and chain lubing.

Inbuilt tank reservoir

Reservoir ideal for ensuring you work longer with your saw in the event of a shortages.

57 Chain links

Long chain links for effortlessly cutting through a range of hard objects with ease.

3yr warranty

Warranty cover provides protection for your investment.


  • Long 16” bar
  • Fast chain speed
  • 14.5 Amp Motor
  • Anti-kickback chain
  • Large oil reservoir tank
  • Good warranty cover period


  • Electric-powered saw may not be ideal for storm cleanup

Storm Cleanup Tips

Each of these saws comes with a design to aid you in times of need, and the power they possess is unrivalled for cutting through hard stuff. But you’ve got to get some tips on how to get the best off them. Here’s some to help you manage a better storm cleanup;

  • Ensure you’re balanced on both feet before revving up the chainsaw
  • Make sure your saw has all it needs to function (gas, motor/bar oil, etc.)
  • Check for any hanging trees or debris. Cut them down first for your safety.
  • Get the saw started and cut from top to bottom, that is, remove the topmost          log/debris before going to the others beneath.
  • Don’t use your chainsaw in a challenging environment (slippery surface,                  adverse weather, etc.)
  • Make provisions for an escape route if your working area is a bit unstable
  • Wear complete personal protective equipment (PPE) kit for maximum safety


Why You Need a Quality Storm Cleanup Chainsaw?

For faster clear ups of felled trees and other disruptive objects, its best you get a quality cleanup saw. The saw should have the right specs and possess a good amount of power for smoother operation.

How Powerful Chainsaw Do I Need for Storm Cleanup?

The perfect storm cleanup chainsaw should have at least 50cc of gas power for correct operation. Also, for battery-powered chainsaws, it should possess a brushless motor and powerful engine.

How Powerful Chainsaw Do I Need for Storm Cleanup?

The perfect storm cleanup chainsaw should have at least 50cc of gas power for correct operation. Also, for battery-powered chainsaws, it should possess a brushless motor and powerful engine.

Which Brand is best for Storm Cleanup Chainsaw?

There’re two choices for you when it comes to storm cleanup chainsaws – gas and battery-powered. To assure more than enough cutting power, getting a Husqvarna chainsaw is a perfect choice.

Also, when you prefer battery-powered chainsaws, consider a Greenworks chainsaw with a decent bar length.

What Size is best for Storm Cleanup?

Storm cleanup chainsaws should be as long as possible. For the perfect cutting through numerous trees and dense stuff, a bar length from 16” should be what you focus on. Also, you could decide to get lengthier chainsaws which could exceed 24” in length for a better reach.

Should I Hire an Expert for Storm Cleanup?

It depends on what kind of cleanup you’ve got on your hands. If there’s not much stuff to handle and it’s totally safe, you could get the cleanup done DIY-style.But if there’s too much to be done with some apparent risks, getting the help of a professional is the best idea.


With all these top storm cleanup chainsaws, it’s surely easier to get through a challenging natural mishap in record time. Get the Best chainsaws for storm cleanup for your operation, and slice up everything in your path!