Best Budget Chainsaws under $200 [Reviews & Guide 2022]

It's nearly impossible to think of cutting up firewood or carrying out yard work without a chainsaw.

Sure, you could use a regular old saw... if your time isn't valuable.

But the trees need clearing, and the bushes are getting out of control.

However, it's undeniable that good chainsaws are pretty expensive. So what can you do? Where can you find the best chainsaw for under 200 dollars?

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient chainsaw that is perfect for infrequent use and won't leave a burning hole in your wallet, you're in the right place.

Below, we've provided detailed reviews of the 5 best value chainsaws, and we've also included a handy buying guide.

Let's get started.

200 chainsaw
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw Kit, 10-Inch...
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw Kit, 10-Inch...
Bar Size
10 Inch
7.2 Pounds
Lightweight design, Tool-free blade tension system, Dedicated oiling system,
Prime Eligibility
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw Kit, 10-Inch...
BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX* Cordless Chainsaw Kit, 10-Inch...
Bar Size
10 Inch
7.2 Pounds
Lightweight design, Tool-free blade tension system, Dedicated oiling system,
Prime Eligibility

5 Best Chainsaws Under 200 Reviews

From electric to gas-powered, we've rounded up the best budget chainsaws for you below. These cheap chainsaws offer durability, performance and, of course, are affordable.

1. Craftsman S165 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw (2020 Model)

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Our first pick for you today is a highly rated and super-efficient gas chainsaw from Craftsman.

With its efficient engine, safety features, and 16-inch bar and chain, this machine is perfectly poised to be your new backyard or lawn companion.

When it comes to gas-powered chainsaws, the engine is everything.

With its powerful engine of 42cc, this gas chainsaw under 200 is the best chainsaw for domestic tasks.

But if you think the engine is impressive, you'll love its additional performance capabilities.

For example, the specially designed bar and chain will ensure minimized kickback.

If you're worried about hand fatigue, you'll definitely appreciate the 3-point anti-vibration system, which combines the cushioned handle for easy maneuverability.

All in all, this chainsaw is easily the best for home and yard needs that we’ve found.

Features & Benefits of Craftsman S165



Easy Start technology

Easy and quick pull-start lets you get started on the job quickly.

42cc engine

This full-crank engine delivers dependable power and efficient performance for homeowners.

Automatic oiler

Lessens downtime for you by automatically oiling the bar and chain.

3-point anti-vibration system

Makes the chainsaw easier to maneuver, operate, and balance.


  • An aluminum handle with full cushioning and wrapping reduces vibration and makes for a comfortable user experience
  • Operates smoothly and with minimal kickback for dependable performance
  • Inertia-activated chain brake ensures your safety by stopping the chain automatically in case of danger
  • Easy maintenance thanks to automatic oiler and tool-free spark plug and filter access


  • Sometimes consumes too much gas

2. DEWALT DCCS620B 20V MAX XR Chainsaw

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Our next selection is an affordable battery-powered chainsaw from DeWalt, and it's easily one of their most sought-after by DIYers and homeowners.

You can choose to buy this battery chainsaw with or without its battery, which essentially lets you decide how much power you want it to have.

As a cordless battery-powered chainsaw with decent capabilities and a 12-inch bar and chain, this is the best for a small to mid project.

Weighing only 9 pounds (when the battery is inserted) and sporting a compact design, this portable equipment is almost effortless to handle and maneuver.

Meanwhile, its efficient brushless motor lets you make up to 90 cuts per one full battery charge.

Not to mention, the tool-free chain tensioner adjustment is going to appeal to anyone who hates dedicating too much energy to downtime!

So if you want a dependable cordless chainsaw, look no further.

Features & Benefits of DEWALT DCCS620B



Brushless motor

Allows you to make up to 90 cuts per full charge.

Weighs 9lb.

A lightweight and compact build enhance your workflow.

Tool-free chain tension adjustment and bar tightening knob

Easy maintenance equals less downtime.


  • Brushless motor and efficient battery consumption allow you to maximize performance
  • 12-inch bar and chain lets you enjoy smooth and quick cutting
  • Integrated bar tightening knob lets you manipulate bar clamping force according to needs
  • Tool-free chain tensioner adjustment reduces downtime


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty applications

3. BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw

If you're looking for a great battery chainsaw under 200 that is best for trimming and pruning, then you really can't do better than this offering from Black and Decker.

As one of the most trusted tool manufacturers in America, this is a brand that has made quite a name for itself, and it's easy to see why. So let's see what it has to offer.

With a 10-inch guide bar and chain, this chainsaw is powered by an efficient and dependable 20V battery that can be switched out for a new battery at any point.

The rugged body of the chainsaw is another one of its best features. But you wouldn't know it from how comfortable its lightweight and compact body makes it to use.

Do note, however, that this is not the right electrically powered chainsaw to get if you're looking to take down some trees.

However, it's the best chainsaw for handling bushes and hedges. If you want to fell trees, you're better off buying a gas chainsaw.

200$ chain saw

Features & Benefits of BLACK+DECKER LCS1020



10-inch guide bar and chain

Ideal for small-time pruning, hedging, and trimming operations.

Tool-free blade tension system

Lets you make quick and easy adjustments and enhances ease of usage.

Lightweight yet sturdy build

Allows for easy handling and maneuvering.

Dedicated oiling system with clear gauge window

Makes maintenance easier.


  • Easy maintenance thanks to tool-free blade tension adjustment
  • Easy to read oil level thanks to clear oil level window gauge
  • An interchangeable battery increases the machine's versatility
  • Lightweight body and 10-inch guide bar make it the best electric chainsaw for pruning


  • Some users have reported issues with the chainsaw's oiler

4. Garwinner 58cc Gas Chainsaw

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If you're on the hunt for the best gas chainsaw that will help you make short work of the trees you want off your property, you need a gas chainsaw.

And this selection from Garwinner might just be the best for heavy cutting needs.

With its 58cc engine, this is an affordable yet powerful chainsaw with plenty of great functionality features that we love.

Equipped with 2-stroke motors powered by its 58cc gas engine, this best petrol chainsaw also comes with a dependable low kickback feature.

Moreover, it comes combined with an integrated safety brake for smooth and risk-free operation.

Meanwhile, the automated lubrication mechanism lowers fuel consumption and increases the chainsaw's life.

All that being said, it’s worth noting that gas leakage is always a potential issue when it comes to gas-powered chainsaws.

To prevent this, proper maintenance is required. Despite its high cutting power, this chainsaw does need to be looked after for long-term usage.


Features & Benefits of Garwinner 58cc



Anti-vibration ergonomic handle

Allows for comfortable and safe usage, reduces hand fatigue.

Low kickback and in-built safety brake

Ensures dependably safe performance.

Filtering system

Lengthens the life of the air filter and lowers fuel consumption.

Dual chain system

2-stroke aluminum crankcase lowers gasoline emissions as well as fuel consumption, enabling cost-effective cutting.


  • Easy to use tension tightening knob system
  • Comfortable and easy to handle thanks to ergonomic handle with low vibration
  • Integrated filtering and air cleaning system keeps the air filter functional for longer
  • 2-stroke aluminum crankcase allows for sustainable fuel consumption


  • There might be issues with gas leakage depending on usage

5. WEN 4017 Electric Chainsaw

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Our final pick for you today is from one of the most renowned manufacturers of power tools, Wen.

Despite its undeniable power and capabilities, this corded electric chainsaw is also the best for budget lovers.

That's thanks to its 12 amp motor, which allows the 16-inch chain to move at an impressive speed of up to 44 feet per second.

Combined with its ability to produce 2.2Nm of torque, this is an electric-powered chainsaw that's definitely worth having.

Not to mention the design and functionality of this chainsaw, which is much more than you can expect from most budget chainsaws.

It's super easy to make adjustments and switch between blades thanks to tool-free adjustment, together with an auto oiling system that keeps the chainsaw running smoothly.

And sticking to the theme of convenience, you'll no doubt appreciate the ease of adjusting the chainsaw's chain tensioning system without having to use any tools.

Furthermore, the chainsaw comes with its own automatic bar chain oil lubrication system as well! Such devices are indeed dedicated to our convenience.

Features & Benefits of WEN 4017



Chain speed of 44 feet per second

Makes chainsaw operation smooth and fast and enhances your workflow.

Safe and comfortable usage

Included handguard and lightweight body allow for fatigue-free usage and protects your hands.

12 amp motor

Makes for a powerful chainsaw that proves its efficiency in a variety of tasks.

Tool-free chain tensioning

Lets you make adjustments with ease and reduces downtime.


  • Handguard ensures your safety as you work
  • Offers an impressive chain speed of 44 feet per second
  • 12 amp motor equips this chainsaw with efficiency and versatility
  • Easy maintenance thanks to tool-free chain tensioning adjustment and auto oiling system


  • Automatic oiling system may leak oil

Top Chainsaws Under $200 Buying Guide

What's the best budget chainsaw? Be it a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric one, just keep the following factors in mind.

Power Source

The power source of chainsaws determines their cutting power. So let's have a closer look at gas-powered chainsaws and battery-powered chainsaws.

Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw

Cordless battery-powered chainsaws are lightweight and portable, and they are ideal for mid-level projects like cutting medium-sized trees.

Let’s say you’re working on fixing up your lawn—you should get a cordless electric chainsaw.

Maintenance is more straightforward with electric chainsaws since you won’t have to mix your own fuel.

However, with a cheap battery-powered chainsaw, there’s obviously a cap on runtime.

Corded Electric Chainsaw

With a corded electric chainsaw, many inconveniences of a cordless one disappear.

For starters, corded electric chainsaws are even more lightweight than cordless models since they don't have a heavy in-built battery.

More importantly, battery life isn't a concern. However, since the cords of electric chainsaws need to be plugged in, you're restricted in your movement by the maximum length of the cord (usually about 100 feet).

Gas Chainsaws

If you need something with more power (for example, if you’re tackling large trees on your property), you should go for a gas chainsaw.

That’s because it’s not only more powerful but quicker as well. Powered by a mixture of gasoline and oil, gas chainsaws are perfect for heavy-duty applications.

However, they’re very loud, harder to maintain, and, depending on usage frequency, fuel costs might be high.

So if you don't need that much power, a gas chainsaw is unnecessary.

Chainsaw Weight

Speaking of the power source, the weight of the chainsaw is also affected by it.

So unless you're a hardened handyman or seasoned DIYer, you probably want a chainsaw that doesn't wear you out with its weight.

As handheld tools, they can cause quite a bit of hand fatigue. This is doubly true for an electric chainsaw since its power source is contained within.

So if weight is a primary concern, you might be better off buying a corded electric chainsaw instead of a gas chainsaw.


Proper maintenance is necessary if you want long-enduring cutting power.

If you’re not keen on the downtime required for this, you should go for a battery-powered chainsaw.

You’ll still have to consider the costs of repairing and replacing other internal components, such as the air filter, spark plug, or fuel tank.

Although it’s rare in a budget chainsaw, some also have automated maintenance capabilities, such as an automatic chain oiler. 

That is basically what it sounds like: a self-lubricating mechanism for your guide bar.

You can also look into chainsaws that can tense and sharpen themselves if you’re willing to stretch your budget.

Safety Features

It goes without saying that chainsaws can be some of the most dangerous power tools to use, especially if not handled correctly.

So, if you're a beginner, it is of the utmost importance to select a chainsaw that comes with built-in safety features.

Automatic Chain Brake

The most sought-after integrated safety feature is the automatic chain brake.

These are what allow your chainsaw to stop moving the very second you hit the power button.

So in case, something goes wrong, this automatic system stops the device immediately.


Kickback occurs when the blade encounters an obstacle and doubles back, which might cause you to fall back with the chainsaw on your face (horrifying, yes).

This can be prevented if you buy a chainsaw with an integrated inertia chain brake.

Guide Bar Size

Your chainsaw guide bar size determines what kind of work you can hope to accomplish with it. 

For example, if you're tackling bushes and hedges, it's best to go for a 12-inch unit.

But what if you need to cut down a big tree? You might need to double that.

And remember, the longer your chainsaw's chain, the more power it will consume, which can increase the chainsaw's weight.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it necessary to sharpen my chainsaw chain?

Absolutely. Not only does a dull chain slows down your chainsaw, but it also causes excess power consumption. You can choose to sharpen your chainsaw chain using a chainsaw sharpening kit.

2. When should you replace a chainsaw's chain?

If your chainsaw's chain has been sharpened about ten times already, you should consider replacing it. Regrinding is an option, but it's expensive and should only be done by a professional.

3. What do I do if my chainsaw's guide bar is acting up?

To avoid damage and premature replacement, it's crucial to ensure adequate oil lubrication for your chainsaw's guide bar. Make sure that the bar's oil level is always full before each use.

4. How frequently should the chainsaw's air filter be cleaned?

Ideally, after every use. And when it gets super dirty, you should think about replacing it altogether.

5. What size chainsaw should I buy?

It depends on the intended usage. Generally, it's best to select a saw with a length that exceeds the tree's diameter by about 23 inches. For example, a tree with a 10-inch diameter needs a chainsaw with a 12-inch guide bar.

Final Word

We hope we've opened you up to the surprisingly abundant world of budget chainsaws.

For us, the best chainsaw under 200 is undoubtedly the craftsman S165 . It's versatile, high-performing, and easily maneuverable.

For less intensive jobs, however, we would recommend going for the Black and Decker selection. Enjoy your new cheap chainsaw.

Good luck!