Best Chainsaws under $200 [5 Budget Chainsaws in 2020]

Chainsaws have a lot of price ranges, and it’s easy to get a selection headache when in the market for one. But it begs the question – can you buy the best chainsaws under 200 bucks? The answer is "yes" 

But you’ve got to know how to pick wisely. Based on the mountain of choices you’ve got, it’s more essential than ever to possess correct tips and info. With the right facts within your grasp, it becomes effortless to make an excellent choice.

So with the info we have for you, you’re certain of getting a high quality chainsaw for under $200. Without further ado, let’s go into the pressing business of picking the right chainsaw for your pocket and your slicing needs.

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The 5 Best Chainsaw Under $200 - Reviews 2020

01. Poulan Pro 5020 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw - Top pick

This chainsaw packs a lot of power and greater reach. You’ll get a 50cc gas engine with the right amount of power along with a long 20” bar.

It also comes with an Oxy-Power engine for limiting the amount of gas used during operation. For easier starts, this saw also comes with a spring support ignition system. Repeated pulls won’t be experienced with this chainsaw.

You also get an air filter system that assures easy maintenance for your saw, along with more helpful features.

Features And Benefits of Poulan Pro 5020 2-cycle gas chainsaw



Oxy-Power Engine

This engine comes with a design that greatly reduces the emission of harmful gases. Also, it assures you a top cutting performance every time.

Low gas consumption

Low gas usage ensures you don’t have to spend extra cash on fuel. It also ensures you work with your chainsaw for much longer.

Combi tool

For better maintenance of your engine, the combi tool is fitted on your chainsaw.

Choke/halt control system

With this system, your engine is much easier to start and control. It also ensures you get more power from your chainsaw.

Protected purge bulb

Purge bulb responsible for maintaining your engine’s fuel supply is covered. This means you’ve assured a much faster, secure system for powering up your saw.

Spring supported easy starting system

Easy starting is achievable for you with this system. It ensures you don’t have to pull this chainsaw repeatedly to get it started. Also works in cold starts.

Front guard

For your hand’s protection, a front guard is added to this chainsaw. This guard ensures your hands remain protected through the use of your saw.

Air filter system

Your air filter system provides a better operation of your gas engine. It also reduces the amount of servicing needed for your engine.

1/3 pull force reduction

Lesser pull force assured in this engine promotes much better starting potential.

Easy side tensioner

Side bar tightening and chain tensioner makes the operation of your chainsaw easier.


  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy start technology
  • Carbon emission reduction
  • Effortless maintenance potential
  • Quick-reach side chain tensioner and bar tightening knob


  • Some parts may easily break during packaging

02. Remington RM4216 - Runner up

There’re so many features which put this chainsaw in stand-out territory. It comes with a very powerful 42cc 2cycle engine for that unrivalled cutting power. With such power in your gas chainsaw, you’ll be able to cut pretty much everything.

This unit comes with protection against dangerous kickback incident, Also this saw features a chain with low kickback potential. If your chainsaw kicks back by accident, the chain automatically reduces its speed, keeping you safe. And that’s not all!

Remington RM4216 chainsaw comes with cushion wrap handles for better grip. When you’ve got the chainsaw’s handle totally secure, it’s very unlikely you’ll be involved in an accident.

For an inexpensive chainsaw, that’s a lot, and there’s still more to keep you operation smoother for longer. It comes with an easy start technology. This tech reduces the number of pulls to the barest minimum. With such a feature, you’ll find cutting through a range of stuff easier to manage.

This chainsaw also comes with an auto oiler for proper lubrication of your bar. The quick-open air filter also ensures operation and maintenance of your unit a sure breeze! It’s got more to offer, and they’re all capped with an excellent price well under $200!

Features And Benefits of Remington RM4216



42cc engine (2-cycle)

This engine provides the power required to cut through hard stuff in time and more comfortably.

Low kickback chain

To ensure prevention of injuries and limit the impact of a kickback incident.

16” bar

With the long bar, you’ve got a tool that can cut through much wider stuff

Five–point anti– vibration

You won’t have to bounce around while cutting with this feature. The motor cuts through wood and other stuff with little vibration attached.

Easy Start Technology

No need for repeated pulls with this feature. The engine comes built to easily respond to the starter.

Cushion wrap handling

For more comfortable handling and avoidance of injuries. This handle ensures a steadier grip.

Automatic oiling feature

Oiling your bar and chain is much of a breeze with this feature. Your cutting operations will be smoother than expected.

Quick-open air filter

You don’t need any tools to open your air filter for cleaning. Smooth operation of your chainsaw is assured.

Quality ergonomic design

With an ergo design, handling and use of your saw is better.

2-cycle engine oil added

For another addition to your investment, oil is added to your purchase.


  • Anti-vibration system
  • Auto-oiling
  • Easy-to-handle
  • Low kickback potential


  • Fuel spills and leaks are common

03. Husqvarna 120 Mark II - Runner up

There’s nothing better than getting a Husky to run your cutting operations. It’s a perfect blend of quality and power, and you’ll get to see more of this saw’s exciting details right here!

For maximum chainsaw protection, you need the correct choice that’ll keep you safe. The first feature you’ll get is an anti-kickback protection chain. Protection against a nasty cut is provided by this chain. You’re also provided a chain tensioning system. 

Your chainsaw tensioner helps you get the right fitting of your chainsaw’s chain and bar. Also, a safety brake system is added to this unit to ensure users get the right level of protection. And safety isn’t the only thing this chainsaw provides. With a 16” long bar, cutting through just about anything is more comfortable to manage. From large-sized trees to backyard wood chopping, this saw’s the perfect choice!

And as if that’s not enough, there’s much more! Husqvarna 120 Mark II comes with an X-Torque engine – a Husky signature innovation. The engine makes doubly sure users get a decent amount of fuel consumption and lesser emission of gases. You’re also assured better control with a sturdy safety handle which promotes faster and safer cutting.

And with its ergonomic design, this chainsaw packs a lot of decent features that’ll certainly wow you. So if you’ve been in search of the best cheap chainsaw for under $200, here’s a good choice for you to buy!

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 120 Mark II



Low kickback chain

This kickback chain has every feature you need to keep safe from injuries resulting from a sudden upward movement of your saw.

Automatic oiler

Auto oiling feature makes cutting through a range of stuff much easier. The chain will keep getting oiled, and your cuts will keep getting smoother.


For extended handling and control, this chainsaw comes in 9.3lbs. At such lightweight, it’s more comfortable to operate this unit. 

16” bar

Such a long bar could be used in cutting trees with a large diameter.

Chain tensioning system

The simple tensioning system provides a better medium for setting your chain on this unit’s bar.

X – Torque

For the perfect amount of power for your engine, this feature is ideal for your saw. Also, it reduces the rate of fuel consumption. It also limits the gasoline emissions from a chainsaw.

Safety brake

With a safety brake, you’re more protected against kickback and other chainsaw injury.

Sturdy top handle

The handle makes control much easier to handle. It also increases the safety potential you get from this saw.


With gas power, your saw has a boosted level of power for cutting tasks.

Simple design

At 32” X 9” X 10”, this chainsaw comes with a design that makes it comfortable to handle. It also provides much easier storage and transportation for the operator.


  • Easy tensioning system
  • X – Torque engine
  • Lightweight design
  • Anti-kickback chain


  • Hard starting


For smoother cuts assured, DEWALT DCCS620B chainsaw comes with an anti-vibrating tech. This feature keeps your hands steady through the cutting process, ensuring you achieve your objective much faster. And that’s just the beginning.

This unit also comes with a brushless motor system for a better cutting speed through numerous hard objects. With a speed of at least 25feet per second, you’ll be through with your work before you know it!

This machine will be easier for a lot of operators to handle based on its lightweight design. At 8.8lbs, effortless handling is more comfortable to assure the best cuts. You’ll also get a 12” bar if you make this saw your choice.

With such a decent length for a bar, you’ll be able to manage different levels of operating hard stuff cutting for longer. And the fact that you’re getting all these and much more is something that’s truly incredible! 

Features And Benefits of DEWALT DCCS620B



Anti-vibration technology

With an anti-vibration technology, your chainsaw won’t bounce off your hands during operation

Low kickback chain

The low potential of your chain cutting you badly in an accident is a sure welcome feature

Brushless motor

A brushless motor triggers more comfortable operation of your saw. It also boosts the speed with which you run through any object you want.

High-speed, 25ft run time

This machine runs at 25 feet per second on average. At such speeds, cutting becomes more comfortable than you previously imagined.


At lesser than 9lbs (8.8lbs), this chainsaw is incredibly easy to handle. It assures longer operability and easier usage.

High-quality chain

Your chainsaw comes with a chain that’s break-resistant. This makes it much easier to manage taking on heavy-duty cutting without hassles.

Easy maintenance

Maintenance is more comfortable with this saw. It packs features that make cleaning and re-assembly cheaper to manage.

Auto oiling feature

An auto-oiler boosts your bar and chain’s performance. With your chain having this element, lubing your bar and chain is easier to achieve.

Decent 12” bar

At 12”, this chainsaw comes with a lot of helpful features that make small-to-medium cutting tasks easier to accomplish. It’s perfect for your household cutting jobs, and much more!

Affordable price

This chainsaw sells at well under $200, making it an ideal under 200 chainsaw for you!


  • Easy lubing
  • High-speed runtime
  • Extra safety features
  • Lightweight design
  • Falls well under many budgets


  • Small-sized chainsaw
  • Average bar size, not capable of heavy-duty cutting

05. Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw

First of all, this chainsaw is cordless. With such a design, you won’t have to carry a lot of cord length around to power your chainsaw. The high-quality 40V battery has taken care of all the power you need!

Also, you’ll get a 12” bar with this chainsaw. With such length, it’s comfortable to cut through a good number of thick objects easily. And the fact that you could run through at least 75 cuts for every full charge is truly fascinating.

It comes very lightweight at about 6lbs, so you don’t have to be troubled about taking this saw all around your workspace. For consistent and perfect cuts, this battery-powered chainsaw provides the right level of support for your operations.

It packs an auto-tensioner system, ensuring your bar and chain is continually at the right level. With an auto-oiler, you’re also assured smooth lubing of your engine at all times. An electro-ignition feature is also fitted with this chainsaw. 

There’s a whole lot more this chainsaw has to offer. And it’s certain that at its unbelievable price, it’s a perfect buy for the thrifty saw user. 

Features And Benefits of Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw



75 cuts per full charge

With a lot of trees down before the battery gets flat, it’s a decent addition for high-powered, long hour cutting

12” bar

The bar is ideal for small-time cutting. Perfect for domestic use and medium-scale cutting.

Lightweight at 6lbs

At exactly 6lbs, this chainsaw packs the right balance of comfort and operating usage.

Automatic tensioner

This feature is perfect for setting up the right fit between your chain and bar. There’s no need for a manual tensioner subject to flaws. Ideal for beginner and intermediate level operators.


You don’t have to pull anything to get this chainsaw started. All you need to do is get the switch on and get cutting, and get it to off when you’re done.

Auto oiler

Auto oiling makes it possible for the perfect level of lubrication at all times during operation. This machine’s auto-oiler is another helpful addition for you.

40V battery

The battery aids more comfortable operation of your chainsaw. Also, it boosts the eco-friendliness you’re assured whenever the chainsaw’s on.


Gasoline pollution isn’t encountered with this chainsaw. The battery also runs at a fairly equal rate to other saws with varying power sources.

Brushless motor

For enhanced operation of your chainsaw, the brushless motor gives a better, vibration-less power to your cutting operation.

Chain brake

Chain brake system promotes better safety while you operate your chainsaw.


  • Easier operation
  • Anti-vibration design
  • Eco-friendly
  • Long operating hours
  • Low kickback potential
  • Swift chain brake protection
  • Auto lubing of bar
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Bar oil could easily leak out

What to Consider When Buying a Budget Chainsaw

It’s no secret your search for the best chainsaw under 200 is over. And it’s also no doubt that you’ve set your eyes on a choice buy. But that’s not where the perfect buying decision ends. You’ve got to get the right tips to direct you to an all-round satisfying chainsaw.

So before you wish to check out the price of your chainsaw, make a choice for the most satisfying choice with this info;

How much you’ve got to spend

Money is a constant when you’re in need of extra power from a chainsaw. If you’ve got a more flexible budget, order the $500 chainsaw for greater performance potential.

500$ chainsaws boast more features than a $200 chainsaw, even getting a 400 dollar chainsaw could be the perfect choice if you need more powerful chainsaw.

But if your budget remains a bit tight, getting the chainsaw under 200 or 250 could still be a decent choice.

Your reason for getting the saw

There’s lots of stuff you need to consider when getting the chainsaw. But the most pressing point to consider is the purpose for the chainsaw.

These machines have differing characteristics which provides equally different functions in a lot of units.

For example, you choice for a high-speed chainsaw for industrial-scale cutting should differ from a home-use chainsaw. It’s possible to get a multi-purpose chainsaw, but your main reason for getting a saw should be met.

Power Type

The power type of your chainsaw is another very essential factor to consider before placing an order. Here’s what you need to look at closely;

Is it gas-powered?

Gas-powered saws remain among the most sought after products in stores. There’s a ton of brands to choose from, and each offers exciting features. But the most outstanding feature of a gas-power chainsaw is its high power potential.

Purchasing the best gas chainsaw could guarantee you speeds of up to 9000rpm, and have the potential of going even higher. These kinds of chainsaws are mostly preferred for heavy duty cutting.

Is it cordless or corded?

Also, you’ve got to consider whether a battery-powered or electric chainsaw is what you prefer. This largely depends on your cutting operation and closeness to electrical supply.

Essential Features

You’ve got to see many essential reasons why paying for the saw’s the right choice. And it’s best to take a look at the following crucial elements before making a final decision;

Safety features

Before revving your chainsaw engine, you’ve got to seriously consider safety. Without it, your chainsaw could cause some very serious injuries. Here’s what you should focus on;

  • Kickback protection
  • Chain brake
  • Comfortable grip
  • Auto-tensioning
  • Saw protection features (circuit protection, current limiter, centrifugal air cleaning, etc.)

Power of your engine

Based on the task you’re about to undertake, there’s a high chance you’ll need a chainsaw with a greater amount of power. Your engine’s power determines the ease of cutting through a lot of hard stuff. Look at this closely when you’re in the market for the most satisfying cutting machine.

Bar length

Your bar’s length plays a maximum role in what you’re planning for your chainsaw. A shorter length chainsaw will be adequate for small tasks and nothing more.

For commercial wood cutting, longer bars from 16” are perfect for a range of cutting jobs.

Customization potential

Some chainsaws could be tweaked to user specs. For example, there’re some chainsaws which bars could be switched for a longer or shorter choice based on your needs.

Look closely at this feature if you’re intent on modifying your chainsaw in the future.

Overall durability

Who doesn’t have value for money? No one apparently! That’s why a durable chainsaw should be what you choose in the market regardless of your budget. Try to maximize your investment by going for a saw with long-lasting features.

Frequently Asked Question About Budget Chainsaw

Can the Best Chainsaw under 200 Perform At Par With Pricier Options?

Like I said before a $400 chainsaw packs a lot more power than 200$ chainsaw. If you’re keen on getting challenging tasks done, it’s a better choice to invest in a more expensive chainsaw with the right features.

Can the Budget Chainsaw perform heavy-duty cutting?

If you purchase the best gas chainsaw for under $200, it could perform a host of heavy tasks effortlessly. To be sure a 200 dollar cordless chainsaw can give you what you need after a purchase, you’ve got to check out its engine power and guide bar length.

Final Word

Cutting performance is a must when we’re keen on getting a hassle-free service from a chainsaws. If you’ve been searching for the top budget chainsaws on the market, this best chainsaws under $200 collections will surely provide you the perfect pick. Make the right choice for a top-class chainsaw today, and be sure there’ll be no obstacle to getting the best performance and cutting power on a budget!