Top 5 Best Chainsaws Under 500 Dollars [2021 Buyer’s Guide]

best chainsaw under $500

Clean cutting requires the highest quality chainsaws, and for that to be possible, you’ve got to spend some cash. It’s no secret there are tons of chainsaw on the market.

But getting the best chainsaws under 500 is something that’s very hard to accomplish. To assure you cut better with your chainsaw for longer, you need a powerful chainsaw.

Based on the fact that there’s a lot of emphasis of price over quality, spending on a $500 chainsaw shouldn’t be much of a bad idea.

After all, you’re in search of the best chainsaw, so churning out that much cash should assure you state-of-the-art chainsaw technology.

When you’re willing to spend $500 or $600, you’ll be sure to have a more capable machine. It’s also possible for your chainsaw to hold its own when compared with other pricier models.

On the flip side, most people prefer moderately-priced, high quality tools, so an under 500 dollars chainsaw should appeal to you instantly. If you’re in a hurry to make a well-informed pick for under 500 dollars, check out our top pick right now!

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5 Best Chainsaws Under 500 Dollars - Review

If you’ve been in search of all round chainsaw, you’re in luck! These choices will make sure you get your money’s worth.And with them, you won’t think about your budget and even a $400 chainsaw will be easier to purchase!

01. Husqvarna 18 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw-Top Pick

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What makes the Husky 455 Rancher so impressive is too numerous for a single paragraph. This chainsaw currently packs a 55.5cc gas engine, propping it up for sheer power. Cutting through a range of objects is poised to be a breeze with this engine.

For those operators weary of a hard start, this chainsaw’s Smart-Start tech will surely appeal to you immediately. 

With a single pull, you’ve got your cutting up and running! To provide more cutting capacity, a long 18” bar is fitted on this chainsaw.

Cut down large trees and other hard objects with relative ease! Also, this system assures the perfect level of safety for operation. 

It comes with an auto chain oiler feature, meaning your bar and chain gets the correct lubrication at all times. Also, with a bar cover, there’s no chance of debris flying back at you when cutting through stuff.

The comfortable tensioning of this system means you can get the chain fitted right on your bar for greater safety.

It also ensures cleaner cutting through hard objects. Aside from these exciting features, this chainsaw also comes at 12.8lbs for more comfortable operation.

Its lightweight power head will ensure you cut through stuff for longer without any issues.

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 455 Rancer Gas Chainsaw



55.5cc gas engine

The powerful 55.5cc engine assures more cutting prowess. The gas engine ensures a cleaner cut without hassles.

Smart-Start Technology

With Smart-Start, you don’t have to pull your chainsaw for long before getting it started.

Guide bar and chain included

For your safety and ease of operation, a guide bar is included with a chain for maximum cutting potential

Bar cover

To ensure your hands remain safe when operating your chainsaw, a bar cover is added

Auto chain oiler

This feature provides the right amount of lubrication for your chainsaw’s bar and chain. There’s very little chance of friction or kickback.

Comfortable chain tensioning

Your chain tensioner is easy to handle and provides the correct gauge for your chainsaw’s cutting

Quick-release air filter

A quick-release air filter is added to ensure there’s greater ease of cleaning out your chainsaw. It also assures smoother operation of your gas-powered chainsaw.

12.8lbs overall weight

Lightweight machine saws are more comfortable for handling cutting jobs for longer periods. With lesser weight to manage, there’ll be no strain on your waist or back region.

18” bar

The long bar is perfect for slicing through a range of tough objects of varying lengths.

Anti-vibration system

With an anti-vibration system, it becomes more comfortable to cut through virtually anything without discomfort


  • Lightweight
  • Easy maintenance potential
  • Powerful cutting
  • Long bar for easier cutting


  • Shipping could damage some parts

02. Yosoo Cordless Chainsaw

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If you’ve been hunting for the best chainsaw under 500, then this cordless saw is the right pick for you! There’re so many exciting features that come with this chainsaw, and we’ll take a look at them in detail.

At 25.4cc engine capacity and 3000RPM speed, this cordless chainsaw is the perfect pruning tool for loggers and farmers. Since it is a cordless chainsaw, you will enjoy the increased mobility on the tree with the machine.

Also, you get uninterrupted power thanks to its cord retainer. So, cutting jobs become smooth and less time-consuming.

The blade is made of premium steel. The steel blade lasts long and tackles rugged tree branches easier than regular blades. Also, it has abrasion resistance that prevents quick sharpness loss of the edges.

The handle has been wrapped around with a soft and contour grip. So, you will enjoy working for a long time with the handle without much fatigue. It is crucial for working in a large garden or yard during the pruning time.

The chain adjustment is made tool-less with the included chain tensioner for better performance. Also, the cordless chainsaw is convertible in a gas chainsaw too.

Features And Benefits of Yosoo Cordless Chainsaw



High-quality material

Both the motor and blade of the chainsaw is made of premium material. So, it assures a lasting and safe service with more excellent smoothness at work.


The blade rotates at 3000RPM speed to perform the cutting jobs quickly.

Aerodynamic displacement

The 25.4cc engine displacement is made aerodynamic. So, it offers better performance in the practical work field.

Uninterrupted power

The motor equips with a cord retainer. It stops unwanted power interruption for a smooth working experience.

Comfortable  handle

The handle has a soft-grip wrapped around the facility. So, it reduces work fatigue during long working hours.

Generous packaging

The package includes everything necessary for the pruning and logging chores, such as a wrench, screwdriver, and scythe.


  • Stainless steel blade with abrasion-resistance
  • The handle grip has a contoured feel
  • The chainsaw is cordless for greater mobility
  • It is an affordable top-handle chainsaw


  • The bar length is slightly shorter

03. Greenworks G-Max 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw - Runner Up

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It’s no secret that this unit ranks under 500 bucks, and there’s good reason for this ranking.

It boasts a lot of features that’ll make your cutting as seamless as possible. Apart from this chainsaw being affordable, there’re lots of exciting and helpful elements it possesses.

All these features are inbuilt in this cordless chainsaw to ensure you get high quality cuts for a budget product. Let’s see why this chainsaw’s perfect for your work and budget;

It comes with a battery-powered build for maximizing the number of cuts you get. 

It comes with a 40V battery, and is highly-powered for maximum cutting performance. With a full charge, you could get 150 cuts!

When you’re in need of maximum safety against kickback, this chainsaw provides ample protection!

It comes with a chain brake that’ll automatically limit operating speeds where there’s a chance of kickback. Also, the chain fitted on this saw is designed to have low kickback potential.

When weighty chainsaws have made cutting tricky for you, know that you’ve found your choice saw! It comes with a total weight of 10.4lbs, meaning you can handle and operate it for as long as you want!

Proper lubrication is also a must for your chainsaw to perform at its best. And that’s why this chainsaw comes with an auto oiler for better chain and bar lubrication.

Features And Benefits of Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw



Battery-powered chainsaw

No need for gas fumes or environmental pollution. The perfect chainsaw for eco-friendly operation.

Brushless motor

With the brushless motor feature, you’ve assured lesser vibrations whenever you’re in the middle of a cut

Lithium-ion battery compatible

The battery packs high performance potential. You won’t have to get it replaced for very long periods.

Chain brake

Comes in handy for preventing kickback while operating the chainsaw. Protects the chain and bar from damage

Low kickback chain

Perfect for avoiding kickback injuries. Functions with the chain brake for more operator protection.

10.4lbs total weight

Lightweight design ensures easier cutting for extended periods. Carrying around is a tad easier than other chainsaws.

40V battery included

High-powered battery for the perfect level of cutting power from your chainsaw.

150 Cuts per full charge

A greater number of cuts from this chainsaw ensure you get value for money.

Chain tensioning

Comes in handy for managing cleaner cuts and provides more operator safety

Automatic oiler

Assures the correct level of lubrication for your chainsaw’s bar and chain.


  • Low vibration potential
  • Quick chain brake protection
  • Lightweight build
  • Auto oiling for better lubing
  • Battery-powered for environmental-friendly cutting
  • Great potential to cut through large trunks


  • High potential for bar oil leaks

04. Husqvarna 440e II Gas Chainsaw

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Husky’s range of chainsaws have a lot of exciting features and with this latest release, more power is added to your cutting operation.

X-force and X-cut are state-of-the-art tech innovations added in this chainsaw. The X-force bar has a very strong build for maintaining more precision. Also, its durable nose assures lesser chances of kickback when in contact with excessively hard objects.

Also, it comes with a high-powered chain brake system for promoting more safety from injuries during operation.

For easier operation, this chainsaw comes with an auto chain oiler, so you don’t have to worry about improper lubing at any time.

Lightweight chainsaws have been proven to be the best for long-term operations, and this saw has the right weight for you. 

At 9.8lbs, the overall weight of your chainsaw won’t cause any strain to your arms and back, even after long hours.

For smoother operation of your chainsaw, you’re provided an air filter with the highest maintenance potential. All you need to do is get it out, clean it, and fit it back into your machine for much neater operation.

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 440e Gas chainsaw



X – force bar

The bar comes with a sturdy nose and bearing system perfect for more precise cutting. Its center plate builds also adds to its overall balance while cutting.

X – cut chain

Greater sharpness is assured with this chain, meaning you’ve got more cutting assured and lesser chain stretching.


High-powered gas engine increases cutting efficiency. It also prevents friction when your chain comes in contact with hard objects.


Decent length and build ensures you’ve got the ability to cut through hard objects with relative ease.


At this amount of rotations per minute, virtually no hard object can withstand the chain’s cutting power

Inertia-triggered chain brake

An innovative chain brake system ensures you’re protected against kickback and other injuries

Auto chain oiler

The chain oiler makes lubrication possible promoting a better operation of your chain

Easy-to-use chain tensioning

Chain tensioning system is very comfortable to use and limits injuries while increasing cutting efficiency.

Easy-to-access air filter

The air filter on your chainsaw is easy to maintain. With this, you’re able to make use of your chainsaw with optimal performance assured at all times.

9.8lbs total weight

Lightweight build for more comfortable handling and operation. Easy to transport and operate.


  • Very lightweight
  • High-quality brake system
  • Anti-kickback safety
  • Long bar for better cutting
  • Cutting-edge chain and bar included


  • May need professional assembly help before first use 

05. Husqvarna 18 Inch 445e II Gas Chainsaw

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When you need a chainsaw with maximum cutting power, the Husky 445e II is perfect for you. If you’ve been in search of power and durability, it’s certain this chainsaw ranks high among top choices.

A 50.2cc gas engine provides a high amount of power for this chainsaw. With so much power, this saw can be used for milling purposes and cutting more comfortably. It also comes with an 18” long bar, providing ample length for greater cutting potential. 

If you’ve been bothered about how chainsaw’s consume fuel, then you’ve rest assured with this product. It has an X-Torque build in its engine which provides more potential for fuel conservation.

With fuel conserved, you’ve gotten the correct engine that limits carbon emissions to the atmosphere. And there’s more this eco-friendly chainsaw provides!

It comes with a centrifugal air cleaning system to protect the engine, and an anti-vibration system for cleaner cuts through tough stuff.

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 445e II



50.2cc gas engine

This powerful engine comes in handy to manage more demanding cuts. Perfect for milling and other chainsaw operations.

18” bar

Long bar perfect for cutting through large logs with greater ease. Ideal for any kind of cutting operation.

Automatic oiler

Auto oiler ensures your chain and bar is lubed right for your cutting job.

Easy-to-clean air filter

Air filter maintenance is a breeze with its comfortable design.

X – torque

Lesser fuel consumption is assured with the X-Torque engine of this chainsaw. Also, emission levels are at their lowest with this chainsaw’s engine.

10.8lbs overall weight

With a lightweight design, the chainsaw is perfect for long term operation. Also, perfect for above-ground cutting based on its light weight.

Centrifugal air-cleaning system

This system makes it more difficult for debris and dust to enter into the chainsaw’s engine.

Anti-vibration system

Lesser vibration and increased cutting precision is what this system provides for you.

Easy-to-operate chain tensioner

Chain tensioner is located in a comfortable position for easier operation.

X – cut chain

X-cut chain remains sharp for longer. It also adds a greater potential for cleaner cuts.


  • Easy-to-operate tensioning system
  • Lightweight
  • High-powered gas engine


  • Getting it started could be tricky in some units

What to Consider When Buying a Under $500 Chainsaw

If you’ve been on the hunt for the best chainsaws under $500, the top selection of products has been made available to you.

But before checking out the price of your chainsaw, you need more info. You’ve got to be sure of what you’re paying for, and these tips will direct you to the choice product you need;

Your budget

The cash you’ve got is a major factor to check out when you need a chainsaw. If you need the best professional chainsaw and have the cash for it, then get a chainsaw under $500 right here!

But if you’re a bit low on cash, there’re still budget saws below $400 and $300 which guarantee a decent performance.

What you need the chainsaw for?

A chainsaw has the potential to give you the right amount of support it can handle. When you’re involved in a large-scale operation for cutting down huge trees, you need a saw with a longer bar.

For such operations, aim for 18” bars and higher for the best performance. But for medium to small-range cutting, 16” bars and below could work just fine.

Is it gas or battery-powered?

If you’re engaged in heavy-duty cutting, a gas-powered chainsaw is the go-to choice. But if you’re engaged in a not too commercial use of your chainsaw, you could opt for a battery powered chainsaw for your tool kit.

Ideal Engine Power

Making a choice for a chainsaw largely rests on your cutting operation. If you’re looking for a C-saw for pruning and clearing your yard, there’s no need for much power.

Also, if you’re engaging in tough tasks such as milling, greater engine power is so essential. 

Safety Features

Assuring your safety when operating a chainsaw can’t be overstated. And today, numerous chainsaw makers add safety features to help protect operators.

Before forking out cash for that chainsaw, you’ve got to check out what kind of safety the saw offers. Features such as a chain brake, anti-kickback chain, sprocket-tipped bars, auto-lubing, and more should be present.

All these will add to your safety potential when slicing through stuff. Don’t rule them out for anything!

Warranty Cover

If you’re getting a chainsaw you intend making the most from, ensure you check out its warranty cover.

Most saws warranties may be dodgy at best, but there’re some excellent deals out there. Check out what the makers provide to you if your saw gets faulty. And make sure you don’t stop there.

Run up the maker’s warranty info with what customers who’ve actually claimed them experienced. Checking out reviews will give you a perfect answer to what customers really get from a warranty.

Environmental-friendly Choices

Do you hate that smoky, noisy chainsaw distorting your hearing at all times? Then it could be perfect to get an environ-friendly pick.

Chainsaws now come less noisy based on their makeup but when you’re looking towards getting less noise out during a cut,

Multi-environment Use

Where can you use this saw? That’s a question you should ask before getting your order placed.

Electric (corded) chainsaws stand as the most limited saws when it comes to multi-environment use.

Battery (cordless) chainsaws perform decently across all environments as long as they’ve got charged batteries on.

Gas chainsaws will provide excellent cutting power when you’ve got it fueled and properly lubed.

Consider this closely. It’s a must for you not to regret your purchase.


Can a Budget Chainsaw Perform Better than a Under $500 Chainsaw ?

It’s no secret that chainsaws exist which are priced a little below 300 bucks. But when it comes to a product that assures more performance, getting a chainsaw close to 500 bucks is the perfect choice.

What Range of Performance does under 500 bucks Chainsaw  provide?

Chainsaws are made for a range of purposes, and a $500 chainsaw is made mostly with a mid to high range performance. This means it’s perfect for cutting firewood and small-time milling.

Final Word

When you go through this selection of chainsaws, it’s very difficult to go wrong. The top choice for best chainsaws under 500 dollars will assure you get the most from your investment. Get choosing and take advantage of the power and performance these chainsaws provide!