Best Homestead Chainsaw of 2023 [Review & Top Picks]

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As a homesteader, you’ve got to do some cutting now and then. And if you’re keen on getting quality results, it’s perfect you get the best homestead chainsaw.

With the perfect homesteading chainsaw working for you, you’ve got no worries when something needs putting down in your surroundings.

And with the help I’m here to give you, you’ll make a most satisfying choice that’ll surely thrill you with every use!

Without wasting much time, let’s take a look at the Best chainsaws in stores.

Top 4 Best Chainsaws for Homesteaders – Reviews

01. Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chain saw – Top Pick

Husqvarna 460 rancher model comes with a powerful, 24” long bar for tackling any operation with greater ease.

It also comes with a 60.3cc gas engine. If you’re not impressed by the engine size, knowing that it produces speeds at around 9000 rotations per minute will surely fascinate you!

Also, an inertia chain brake system is added to this unit. With this system, you’ll be safe as the engines shut off automatically to prevent serious injury.

The right kind of tension from your saw is also a must if you’re keen to avoid headaches when operating your saw.

That’s why this saw comes with a side-mount chain tensioner.

Engine protection is also a chief concern when you need your chainsaw to function for longer.

Thanks to the centrifugal air cleaning system, making your crankcase is safe. There’s no chance of dirt and debris getting into your engine!


  • Very easy to start
  • Low-vibe engine
  • High-powered engine
  • Protective technology


  • Expensive  

    02. Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw – Runner Up  

    Husqvarna 455 rancher model got the right balance between power and performance.

    It comes with a 20” long bar powered by a 55.5cc gas engine. With such performance from your saw, there’s no hard object that won’t be down in seconds!

    Also, this unit comes with a Centrifugal air cleaning system that prevents engine damage. So it’s the perfect system for keeping your engine protected.

    And as if these features are not adequate, there’s still more from this machine!

    It comes with an anti-kickback chain which limits the chances of any injuries.

    The X-Torque engine assures lesser gasoline emissions, as well as less fuel consumption.


    • High-speed engine
    • Anti-vibration design
    • Low kickback technology
    • Reasonable price


    • Shipping may get some parts damaged

      03. Greenworks 14-Inch 40V Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

      This unit comes with a 40V battery which powers up to 90 cuts per full charge. In addition, it comes with a brushless motor to handle all your slicing needs.

      You’d also get a manual tensioner for balancing your chain alignment.

      Get a quick boost from this engine with an electro-ignition feature. This feature makes sure you don’t have any stress while you are working.

      It also comes with a transparent oil tank, ensuring you’ve got a handle on maintaining your machine the right way!

      It’s the perfect budget product that makes doubly sure you get the cuts you need!


      • Easy to use
      • Long-lasting battery
      • Fast charge feature
      • Affordable


      • Oil leaks sometime

      04. Ryobi 16 in. 37cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaws

      It comes with a 16-inch bar with a 37cc gas engine and features an anti-vibration handle, ensuring you maintain greater control over your saw.

      It also features an inertia brake system, a safety tip, and tool-free air filter cleaning.

      These elements make the machine perfect for maintaining your safety while assuring you the best performance.

      You’ve also got a 3yr warranty included in this saw’s package to ensure you get more from buying this saw.


      • Lightweight
      • Easy to start
      • High-tech safety features
      • Auto lubing


      • It comes unassembled after shipping

      Types of Homesteading Chainsaws

      Many operators may not know, but there’s a way to check out the exact saw you need for homesteading. Here’re the two types of homesteading chainsaws out there right now;

      Homeowner chainsaws

      A homeowner’s saw is more comfortable to control and is an excellent choice for training novice cutters.

      It’s essential you start with a homeowner’s saw as a newbie and progress from there should you need a higher-powered saw.

      Homeowners’ saws should be within a certain range.

      If you’re using the homeowner’s saw for yard clean-up or after a storm, it should be within 35cc – 40ccs for the gas engine.

      If you’re going electric, ensure you check out its equivalent with the gas-powered engine.

      But if you’re keen on something else, there’s another homesteading chainsaw perfect for you;

      Ranch/Farm chainsaws

      These chainsaws regularly sport decent weight-to-power ratios and perform many tasks around your ranch naturally.

      A ranch/farm chainsaw features the right amount of power to handle firewood-chopping tasks. With a ranch chainsaw, you can also get small trees down in moments.

      These saws are also ideal for land clearing if you’re keen on getting more space for homesteading.

      Many homesteading chainsaws come with at least 40ccs of power for gas engines and sport 14” – 16” guide bars.

      Such saws also possess a decent amount of features to keep their operators safe. Thus, it should be the next choice after a newbie’s got the hang of a homeowner’s saw.

      Frequently Asked Question

      What is Homesteading?

      Homesteading is the practice of being self-sufficient. In a homestead, residents grow their crops, tend to livestock, and do much stuff independently. Most homesteads are situated in a large expanse of land secluded from the public.

      Why Should You Choose an Ideal Homesteading Chain saw?

      It’s on record that there’re tens of thousands of injuries every year from chainsaw incidents.

      Unfortunately, most of these injuries are a direct result of choosing the wrong chainsaw.

      Some operators with little experience may believe chainsaws are perfect when they’re larger. 

      And in most cases, such operators could get seriously injured.

      Choosing the best chainsaw will give you better control over your cutting job and significantly limit any injury incident.

      Stihl or Husqvarna Which Brands are better?

      From my point of view, Husqvarna is slightly better than stihl. Want to find out why? Read more here.

      What are the Best Homesteading Areas in the United States?

      If you’re in the US and need to homestead, here’re the best spots for you;

      • Wyoming
      • Michigan
      • Idaho
      • Connecticut
      • Maine
      • Arizona


      If you’re planning on homesteading or already practicing self-sufficiency, here’re the best homestead chainsaw choices for you.

      With these saws among your tools, you’ll be able to cut better and enhance your homesteading activities.

      So make your choice today, and you’ll be thrilled by the performance you get!

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