Best Power to Weight Ratio Chainsaw Reviews & Top Picks 2023

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If you’re in a heated search for a chainsaw, it’s certain you’ll be in the hunt for the most powerful option.

And who can blame you? We all want to maximize our investment and get value for money! But most importantly, unrivaled performance is regularly our focus.

It’s no secret that the best power-to-weight ratio chainsaw actually maximizes the cutting power you’re provided with.

It’s got the balance and comfort you need to get through a lot of tough stuff in record time!

I could say without a doubt that you’ve been searching for a high-performance chainsaw.

And that’s what makes this top collection of the best power-to-weight saws a must.

With all the experience I’ve got making use of the best and worst saws over the years, you’ve chosen the best source of info on chainsaws.

Take a look, and it’s certain you’ll find a saw you love!

Best Power to Weight Ratio Chainsaw – Reviews

01. Makita EA5600FRGG – Runner Up

With a lot of chainsaws possessing average, underwhelming features, this saw is certainly a stand-out choice.

It packs many interesting features that’ll boost your cutting needs and has a very decent power-to-weight ratio.

Let’s take a closer look at everything this saw’s got for you in detail;

First off, Makita EA5600FRGG  got the right dose of gas power! It comes with a 56cc gas engine, perfect for a good number of heavy-duty tasks.

This saw also comes with a 4.1 horsepower engine speed at 13,800 rotations per minute.

This speed ensures your cuts remain smoother throughout your cutting operation. And that’s not all this saw’s got to provide!

It comes with an easy starter ensuring you don’t have to pull more than twice to get this saw started.

Makita EA5600FRGG comes with a lot of exciting features to ensure you get the finest cuts whenever you engage in a cutting operation.

If you make this saw your choice, also know that it comes with a large oil tank for correct lubing of your engine.

When you get a hold of this saw, its long 20” bar will surely appeal to you. This bar packs the right length to cut through a lot of dense stuff with greater ease.

This saw features a lot of excellent stuff to boost your cutting operations. With it, you’ll get more work done with time to spare and appreciate the sheer power it provides!

It’s also got a decent price, and there’s a lot more it’s got to give, assuring you get maximum value for money!


  • High-speed engine
  • Consistently sharp chain
  • Large fuel tank
  • Easy maintenance potential
  • 0.328HP per chainsaw pound


  • The chain guard is made of plastic

02. Makita EA6100PRGG – Top Pick

This saw has a decent power–to–weight ratio, and that’s not all!

There’re lots of features from this saw that’ll definitely make you drool over it.

Let’s take a look at each major feature and why it’s a top choice for you;

This chainsaw comes with a spring-aided starting system. With this addition, you could get your engine started with not more than three pulls!

It’s a fascinating addition to your saw for maximum operating comfort.

You’re also provided a 4.6 horsepower speed from this engine. At such speeds, you’ve got a brisk cutting machine in your hands!

Cut through virtually anything at a much greater speed without hassles.

A cartridge air filter is added to this saw providing an avenue for a cleaner, more fluid chainsaw operation.

Makita EA6100PREL comes with a lightweight design that’s truly awesome! It comes weighing 13.2 lbs, promising you more ease in operating your saw.

And as if these features aren’t enough, there’s still more from this saw!

It features a touch stop lever to ensure you switch your saw off easily. And you’ve also got a sleek, sturdily-designed bar to handle those rough cuts with so much comfort!

This saw also boosts the control you’ve got over your cutting ops. It comes with an overall low vibration potential. Smoother, cleaner cuts are assured with this saw.

Investing in this saw’s surely going to do you a whole world of good, it’s got all the cutting requirements you’ll ever need.

Your saw possesses a lot of top stuff, and it’s the right choice for you!


  • Compact design
  • Easy stop lever
  • Vibration dampener
  • Touch & Stop single lever control 
  • Lateral chain tensioning
  • Floating rim sprocket


  • Expensive

03. Echo CS-590

Gas power is the way to go for most heavy-duty chainsaw seekers. That’s why this engine features a 59cc gas-powered engine to boost your cutting power in ways you’ve never imagined!

Echo CS-590 comes with an adjustable chain oiler. With this adjustable feature, you’re able to determine the amount of oil that’ll coat your bar and chain during operation.

Also, your saw comes with an awesome, generous five-year warranty. Your warranty cover ensures you’ve got value for money long after you’ve made the purchase.

It also comes with an innovative design that ensures better control of your chainsaw.

Two handles promote better balance throughout your saw’s use, making your work effortless.

The chain this saw features is simply top-notch. It’s got the right balance on your bar, and that’s not all!

It’s made to be extra-sharp, meaning you’ll find slicing through stuff rather easy.

This 20-inch saw also comes with a decompression valve, enhancing the potential of starting up your engine.

With a few pulls, your engine’s up and running. Also, hot starts are achieved with a single pull.

You’re also provided with a 20” bar. With such a bar, slicing through thick trunks becomes a breeze!

It’ll also interest you that this bar has the ideal length for milling operations. So you could actually get more than one cutting capacity from this saw if that’s your intent.

Vibration dampening is also a must with top-quality chainsaws. That’s why this saw comes with a highly-efficient vibration dampener.

With this dampener, you’ll have much greater control over your chainsaw’s operation. And setting up the fastest, precise cuts will be a sure thing!


  • Long bar
  • Easier grip
  • Large fuel storage


  • Plastic guard subject to easy damage

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

How to Calculate Power-to-weight Ratio?

A chainsaw that comes from a great power-to-weight ratio is preferred for optimum cutting performance. Here’s how the power-to-weight ratio is calculated;

Power-to-weight ratio =  Horsepower (HP) / Total Saw Weight (lbs)

How About the Price?

Power-to-weight chainsaws are moderately priced. You can get a good chainsaw from around $400 to $800. They’re pricier models, but in most cases, the quality remains mostly similar across choices.

What Chainsaw Has the Highest Power-to-weight Ratio?

The Makita EA6100PRGG has the highest power-to-weight ratio at 0.347HP per chainsaw pound.


For the perfect dose of cutting comfort, you’ve got to make the best power-to-weight ratio chainsaw your choice. Pick the right saw for your cutting needs, and get that sturdy stuff down before you know it!

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