Chainsaws for Landowner – What are The Best?

Are you a landowner who doesn’t know the right tool for slicing through those stubborn trees? Here’s the best word of advice you can get – buy a chainsaw.

And not just any chainsaw, a landowner chainsaw should be what you focus on getting.

If you’ve seen a fine collection of top chainsaws for landowner what are the best won’t be a question you’ll ask anymore.

All the chainsaws you’ll get here will help you clear wood off your land for whatever purpose.

So, without further noise, let’s delve into the best landowner chainsaws you can buy right now.

Runner Up
Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw,...
Budget Friendly
BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch, Tool Only...
Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw,...
BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch, Tool Only...
Power Type
Battery Powered
Battery Powered
Bar Size
18 Inch
12 Inch
2.05 Pounds
8.3 Pound
Automatic chain tensioner, Automatic chain oiler, Rapid charge feature
Large oil reservoir tank, Tool-less chain tensioning, Translucent bar oil screen
Prime Eligibility
Runner Up
Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw,...
Greenworks Pro 80V 18-Inch Brushless Cordless Chainsaw,...
Power Type
Battery Powered
Bar Size
18 Inch
2.05 Pounds
Automatic chain tensioner, Automatic chain oiler, Rapid charge feature
Prime Eligibility
Budget Friendly
BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch, Tool Only...
BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch, Tool Only...
Power Type
Battery Powered
Bar Size
12 Inch
8.3 Pound
Large oil reservoir tank, Tool-less chain tensioning, Translucent bar oil screen
Prime Eligibility

The 4  Best Chainsaws for Landowner - Reviews 2021

01. Husqvarna 455 Rancher - Gas Chainsaw For Landowner

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If you’re in the need of top-notch cutting as a landowner or homesteader a gas-powered chainsaw could serve you well. And ensure you consider this saw while you’re at it.

Everything you’ll ever need for the fastest cuts and more are available in this saw. Take a look for yourself, it’s a sure thing you’ll be convinced!

For faster and sustained cutting through a lot of tough trees and other stuff, Husqvarna 455 rancher is the right choice for you!

And it’s due to the 55.5cc gas engine it possesses. With so much power from this chainsaw, there’s no tree trunk strong enough to resist coming down in record time.

The engine is also designed with X–Torque tech, guaranteeing more power and helpful additions to your cutting.

If you’re not sure of the speeds this engine provides, 9000rpm is more than enough to blast through just about any thickness in a few minutes! 

Gas emissions are significantly lower in this engine, and fuel consumption is greatly reduced with this chainsaw.

To ensure a greater cutting potential as a landowner, this saw will add 20” of raw power to your cutting tools. It’s long bar reaches far better than much smaller chainsaws, and with it, huge trees will be down before you know it!

It’s sure to thrill you further that this saw comes with an automatic chain oiler. This feature assures you cleaner cutting through a lot of stuff. With it, your bar and chain will remain lubed while you get stuff done.

Engine damage from debris penetration is a chief reason why some engines get totaled. But you’re safe from any heart-wrenching experience with this saw. It features a centrifugal air cleaning system capable of protecting your engine from easy damage.

When safety of your engine and during operation is a must, you’ve got to look closer at this saw.

It comes with an inertia chain brake system, preventing nasty injuries. Also, it comes with a kickback-prevention chain, giving you enough time to get safe if your saw kicks back accidentally.

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Powered Chainsaw



55.5cc gas engine

Highly-powered gas engine for maximizing the cuts you’ll get from this saw.


Powerful engine which guarantees you’re friendlier to the environment with lower fuel use and gas emissions.


Record-breaking speeds cut through a lot of hard stuff very easy. Perfect for removing stubborn tress from your land

20” bar

Long bar has a greater reach. You’ll be able to cut trees with much larger diameters comfortably.

Anti-kickback chain

Ensures you get safe from any unfortunate chain-related injury.

Inertia chain brake

High-tech brake system protects you from very bad saw injuries

Auto oiler

Proper lubing of your engine. Maintains the integrity of your bar and chain.

Centrifugal air cleaning system

Regular protection of your saw’s engine. Prevents wood and dirt from totaling your crankcase.

Smart Start Tech

With a few pulls, you’ll get this engine started and ready to go. Ensures you’ve got no more complaints about hard starts.


Lightweight design promotes better handling for extended periods. Provides you more balance for cutting.


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful engine
  • Long bar
  • High-tech safety systems
  • Automatic lubing
  • Fast cutting speed


  • Expensive

02. Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V - Cordless Chainsaw For Landowner

If you’re done with gas engines and need a saw with so much cordless power, here’s the perfect choice for you.

This greenworks pro saw’s got all you need and so much more to get those trees off your way quicker than you ever thought.

This chainsaw comes with a 18” long bar. With this bar, you’ll find cutting through just about anything. 

An 80V battery is added to this chainsaw. With an 80V battery supply, there’s a lot you’ll get down with every full charge from this chainsaw.

And the engine features a signature Greenworks DigiPro brushless motor. Smoother and noiseless cutting is the only thing you’re sure to get!

The battery-powered engine has a lot of fascinating features, and it’s no secret that it packs enough power to match a 45cc gas engine.

Its outer design is just so awesome, and comes in the Greenworks signature green and black.

Since it’s a battery chainsaw, you may think it’ll take ages to charge. But you’ll be surprised this chainsaw’s got a fast charger which powers up your saw in half an hour!

You’ll be able to cut for longer with this feature, and nothing can stand in your way! And when safety is a must, this saw’s got all you’ll ever need!

It comes with an automatic chain oiler for lubing your engine and preventing a nasty cut. Smooth lubing of your chain prevents it from flying off during use. And your bar will also remain in pristine shape through any cutting operation.

Features And Benefits of Greenworks PRO 18-Inch 80V Cordless chainsaw



18” bar

Long bar ensures you get the right cuts through a lot of dense stuff. Also, promotes faster cutting with its vast length

150 cuts per full charge

Easier cutting through a lot of hard stuff. Every full charge gives you similar cutting power to gas-powered chainsaws.


Extremely lightweight design for the power it possesses. Ensures you get more balance when cutting. Also improves cutting duration without fatigue.

Automatic chain tensioner

Tensioning system ensures your chain sits nicely on your bar. Improves cutting power and saves time.


With this feature, you’re sure of an effortless start every time. All you need to do is push the start button and get your cuts with no hassles attached.

Automatic chain oiler

Auto chain lubing of your engine assures smoother bar and chain operation.

80V battery

Large battery capacity ensures better cutting. Provides the right amount of energy with its LI-ion build.

Rapid charge feature

Fast charger included gets this saw up and running in 30 minutes.

Electro chain brake

Electro-ignited brake system keeps you safe from injuries.

Strong double handles

Handles are designed to provide more balance for your cutting operation.


  • High-powered engine
  • Durable, long-lasting battery
  • Powerful saw
  • Easy controls
  •  Automatic safety systemsbar
  • Affordable price


  • Chain comes off easily in some units
  • Oil seepage common in many shipped units

03. Husqvarna 440e II - Gas Chainsaw For landowner

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For better gas power, it’s best you get a Husky chainsaw. And if you’re considering top choices, take a closer look at this chainsaw. It could have all the features you need!

A high speed engine is added to this saw for maximum cutting performance. At 2,900 rotations per minute(RPM), your bar and chain will cut through all the hard stuff with greater ease.

Also, the 40.9cc engine ensures the cutting power from your engine remains sustained.

Also, this unit comes with an inertia chain brake system, making you safer whenever you operate this chainsaw.

And you’ve also gotten an auto-oiler for perfect lubing of your bar and chain. While you’re cutting firewood or felling a tree, there’ll be no friction and lesser chances of kickback from this chainsaw.

For the lovers of high-tech safety and performance features, this saw’s the right choice for you! It comes with an X – cut chain made to deliver sharper cuts whenever you need it.

With the continually sharp chain, it’s less likely for kickback to take place. And this saw boasts of an X – force bar. With this bar’s design, your chain will get deeper into tough stuff quicker. The edges also comes in a design which prevents kickback.

Husqvarna 440e II also comes with a lightweight design which ensures you’ve got a lesser burden on your hands every time. It also results in better handling of your engine for extended periods.

 And as if that’s not all, there’s still more! You’d also get a 16” bar, ensuring you’ve got the right level of cutting through large log more comfortably. It’s perfect for slicing through a lot of stuff on your land, and won’t disappoint with the power it possesses.

This chainsaw packs a host of excellent features to help you cut better. It’s also got an incredibly affordable price to give you more value for money.

Features And Benefits of Husqvarna 440e II Gas Powered Chainsaw



2900 rotations per minute

High speed from your engine slices through hard stuff with so much ease.

Inertia chain brake

Chain brake system keeps you safe if kickback occurs.

Automatic chain oiler

Automatic chain oiler provides correct lubing for your bar and chain. Also limits bar and chain damage during saw operation.

Easy-to-use chain tensioner

Chain tensioner ensures the right alignment of your bar and chain. Maximizes cutting time and forestalls injuries.

Air filter

Air filter is easy to clean. Provides better maintenance potential from your saw.

9.8lbs total weight

Lightweight promotes more comfortable handling and operating ease.

X – force bar

Saw comes with this high-powered bar to prevent breakage and tip damage. Designed to limit kickback incidents significantly.

X – cut chain

Perpetually sharp to maximize your cutting potential. Chain links come designed to prevent breakage during saw ops.


Powerful gas engine provides the energy needed to slice through a host of hard stuff with ease


Long bar promotes better cutting potential from your saw.


  •  High speed
  •  Lightweight
  •  Safety brake system
  •  Anti-kickback safety
  •  Long bar
  •  X – technology bar and chain


  •  Small-sized bar not perfect for big trees.

04. BLACK+DECKER 40V MAX(LCS1240B) - Battery Powered Chainsaw for Landowner

Battery Powered Chainsaw have a lot to offer, and it’s a perfect choice when you consider this unit when deciding on a top cutter.

BLACK+DECKER (LCS1240B) comes with a durable 40V battery which ensures better power supply over time. also, it comes with a fast charger which makes sure you get your chainsaw running as fast as possible.

This saw also comes with a large bar oil tank. With this tank, comfortable lubing of your engine is possible. And this tank is also fitted with a translucent oil checker to make your saw’s maintenance easier.

Automatic chain oiling is featured in this saw. This feature boosts the operation of your bar and chain and prevents damage resulting from friction.

If you’ve got to get more control over your saw, the right illustrations are a must. That’s why this saw comes with clear descriptions of all its features making it ideal for any skill level.

Lightweight handling is also a breeze with this saw as it comes at a paltry 10.4lbs. You’ve assured better use of this saw for much longer, and greater control is also secured.

You’ve also assured comfortable tweaking of your saw’s engine with its tool-free tensioner and grip handling. There’s so much this saw has in store for cutting through stuff on your land. It’ll also thrill you that it’s got a fascinatingly affordable price!

Features And Benefits of BLACK+DECKER 40V Battery Powered Chainsaw



Charger included

Fast charging feature limits waiting time. Powerful charge ensures longer saw operation.

Large oil reservoir tank

Huge oil tank maintains proper lubing of your engine’s bar and chain.

Translucent bar oil screen

It’s more comfortable to check out your bar oil’s gauge with the see-through plastic added. Improves the maintenance of your bar and chain

Easier controls

Illustrations are all over this saw. You’ll find it comfortable to operate, even as a newbie

40V Li-ion battery

High-power battery increases the run time and energy supply to your bar

12” bar

Decent saw length ideal for cutting small trees. Possesses hooks for chain links for better cutting power.


Lightweight ensures you get more time in operating your saw


Automatic chain oiler improves the potential for maintaining your chain and bar. Increases the lubing of your engine to prevent damage and injury.

Tool-free tensioner

Easy tensioner ensures proper alignment of your bar and chain. Improves cutting performance.

Strong grip handle

Ensures better control of your saw. Two-grip handles design to assure more comfortable handling of your saw.


  •  Durable battery
  •  Easy tensioner
  •  Lightweight
  •  Fast charger
  •  Auto lubing
  • Comfortable controls


  •  Small-sized bar not perfect for big trees.

Things You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Landowner Chainsaw

Here’s some stuff you’ve got to look at if you need the right landowner chainsaw;

Your budget

The cash you’ve got is a major factor if you’re going to get the best budget choice for cutting stuff on your land. There’re decent budget chainsaws with a lot to offer, and there’re also some very pricey choices with great features too! In this case, the choice is entirely yours.

Your cutting needs

If you’re in need of cutting through a lot of trees, a more powerful chainsaw should be your main pick. It’s no secret gas-powered saws are preferred for more challenging tasks, but there’re some decent cordless choices as well.

Is it Corded, Battery, or Gas-Powered?

Corded Chainsaw

Corded chainsaws come with an excellent amount of power which assures seamless cutting. With a corded chainsaw, you don’t have to bother about fuel/oil leaks, crankcase damage, etc. And these saws provide continuous cutting power equivalent to gas saws.

But these saws have a little drawback over-dependence on electricity.

If an electrical supply source isn’t nearby, you may need a very lengthy cord before initiating your cutting operation.

Battery Chainsaw

A battery-powered chainsaw provides portability and power in one sweep. These saws come in varying capacities but come short in one aspect – charging.

Let’s say you’re thinking about camping for a long period of time and need a saw to provide constant cutting. Without an extra battery to power up your chainsaw, you could be left red-faced when you need it the most.

Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Gas saws remain a top performer and only option for a range of operators. It is without question that gas power chainsaws lead, and the others follow.

These saws come with unrivalled cutting power and can get challenging tasks performed quicker. But there’s one aspect where gas saws fall short, and that’s environmental pollution.

Gas chainsaws are excellent cutting machines but could get smoky and terribly noisy at the same time. And it’s not an eco-friendly choice for operators wary of contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Additional Features

Extra stuff adds a lot of spice to chainsaws operation, but they also come in handy in a lot of situations.

For example, gas powered chainsaws usually come with air filtration and cleaning systems. But if you’ve got a dated brand in your inventory, you could be finding optimal operation hard to come by.

Other chainsaws also come with features which ensure maintenance and operation ease. Features such as oil gauge warnings, brushless motors, anti-vibe systems, chain tensioning and bar tightening are essential. 

These features will not only make you operate your saw more comfortably, but add to the safety you’re sure of too!


Why Landowner Need a Chainsaw?

Landowners need chainsaws for a number of reasons. The main reasons are;

  • Tree felling
  • Clearing land for use
  • Cutting wood for fuel
  • Construction purposes

Which Power Type is best for Landowner?

It depends.  If you’ve got no electricity on your land, it’s preferred you get a gas chainsaw. But if you’ve got your land wired, then cordless saws could serve its purpose on your land.

What is the Recommended CC for Landowner?

High-powered saws in the range of 40 – 60 ccs are perfect for landowners.

What is the Recommended Brand for Landowner?

Grab a high-powered Husqvarna as a landowner if you prefer gas chainsaws. But if you’re more on the green side of chainsaws, pick a Greenworks to give you the finest cordless cutting power. 


These are the best chainsaws for landowner with top notch quality, and it’s a sure thing they’ll perform optimally on your land. Make a choice today, and put those trees on your land to good use!

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