D-I-Y Tips: How to Clean Your Chainsaw in 6 Easy Steps

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Many chainsaw owners don’t feel the need to get their chainsaw the cleaning it deserves, and this poses issues when the machine is needed.

Due to the various parts of the chainsaw, regular cleaning operations are a must if you’re intent on getting the most from your investment.

In this read, we will cover how to clean your chainsaw like a pro, So without further delay, let’s get started.

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Significant Parts Of The Chainsaw That Need Cleaning

Several parts of the chainsaw that require close attention to the proper functioning of the machine. Here’s the list of everything that should receive a brush-up when you’re engaging in a maintenance effort;

1.  Saw

2.  Guide bar

3.  Carburetor

4.  Power head

5.  Air filter

6.  Spark plug

Tools You Need To Clean The Chainsaw Properly

To get your chainsaw cleaned right, you’ve got to get the right cleaning tools. Ensure you get every item under listed to leave no stone unturned when cleaning your chainsaw;

1.  Screwdriver (star and flat)

2.  Wrench

3.  Lubricant

4.  Knife (3”)

5.  Thin rod

Six Vital Steps on How to Clean Your Chainsaw Like a Pro

Step 1: Disconnect

To avoid getting electrocuted, your chainsaw needs to be unplugged. This is because chainsaws run with different types of power.

Some run on batteries, while others work with direct power. Some chainsaws also run on fuel.

If you’ve got a battery-powered chainsaw, ensure the batteries are removed from the inlet.

Also, disconnect the cord of your electric-powered chainsaw before engaging in maintenance.

For the fuel-powered chainsaw, make doubly sure that the fuel tank is empty to prevent a fire incident.

Step 2: Guide Bar

The guide bar protects you from any harm when operating the chainsaw.

However, grime, dust, and other particles settle underneath the guide bar during operation, resulting in the machine being difficult to operate.

First, use the wrench (spanner) to loose off the nuts that keep the guide bar in place.

When you’re done removing the guide bar, proceed to clean the guide bar with a wire brush.

All the bar edges must be cleaned to ensure smoothness and allow the chainsaw to function with ease.

Step 3: Chain Links

To clean the chain links, you need to dip the links in a water-degreaser solution.

This removes all dirt from the links. It also makes lubrication easier to ensure you can use the machine safely for a longer period.

After dipping the chain saw in the solution, allow it to dry before applying lubricants to it.

Step 4: Remove the Top Cover

The top cover of your chainsaw provides protection for the inner parts of your machine. The hidden parts of the chainsaw need to be cleaned to ensure the device works just fine.

–  Take off the top cover.

–  Clean the outer part of the cover with a clean cloth.

–  Clean the inner part with some lubricant and a piece of cloth.

Step 5: The Nitty-Gritty of the Chainsaw

Now that you’ve gotten into the inner compartment of the chainsaw, you have to be careful.

The inner section of the chainsaw contains vital parts of the chainsaw. These are the items you’re going to touch in the inner part of the chainsaw;

  1. The carburetor
  2. The spark plug
  3. The air filter

Let’s take a look at how you should clean each part of the chainsaw;

The carburetor

To clean the carburetor, you need to take it apart carefully. Follow these steps;

–  Disconnect the carburetor from the fuel tank

–  Loosen the nut underneath the carburetor to let the fuel flow out

–  Take out the pin in the air hole

–  Reconnect the carburetor while open to the fuel tank

–  Monitor the fuel flow

–  Reconnect the air hole and fuel cover

The spark plug

  These are the steps to clean the spark plug;

–  Loosen the spark plug

–  Use a flat screwdriver

–  Clean the top of the spark plug

–  Wash the hole around the ignition with fuel and a thin rod

–  Tighten the spark plug to the engine block

The air filter

The air filter can be properly cleaned using the following steps;

–  Soak the air filter in a cleaner/soap solution

–  Rinse the screen and allow it to dry before fixing

Step 6: Clean the Fuel Tank

The Fuel Tank is a vital part of the machine. But, first, you have to clean if your engine is fuel-powered.

After Cleaning, What’s next?

When you’re through with cleaning all the parts, you must get the parts reassembled adequately for the machine to function.

  • To begin with, ensure the spark plug and carburetor are correctly returned to their positions. Then ensure the top cover of the chain covers the inner part of the chainsaw.
  • Then make sure you insert the chain links after proper lubrication. Also, get the saw and guide bar properly fitted. Then get the fuel tank connected to the carburetor. 
  • If you’re making use of a battery-powered chainsaw, then you may not need to clean a carburetor, but other parts of the engine would still be the same and need similar cleaning.

When you’re done cleaning a battery-powered chainsaw, ensure you fix the battery to the compartment provided to make it function appropriately.

Why Is It Essential To Clean Your Chainsaw

Cleaning your chainsaw may not seem necessary to some, but it’s the difference between a long-lasting chainsaw and an inefficient chainsaw.

Using your chainsaw to cut through wood causes some debris to hang on many parts of the machine.

In addition, when the dirt and debris continue to build up, getting the dirt out could be a problem.

But if your machine is maintained properly, the chances of dirt and grime build-up are limited. And note that the machine’s parts are mainly mechanical. These parts will function much better when parts that need to be oiled are lubricated regularly.

Frequently Asked Question About Cleaning your Chainsaw

Do I Need Specialized Tools to Clean My Chainsaw?

Cleaning your chainsaw doesn’t need you to have any special tools. All the tools are household items and can be sourced with relative ease.

Also, these tools are affordable, and you can get them at any tool shop. If you have a complete toolset, then you’re in luck!

All the tools needed to clean up your chainsaw (apart from the lubricant) are in your toolbox.

How Long Do I Have to Use My Chainsaw before Maintenance?

How you use your chainsaw depends on when you’ll need to maintain it. For example, if you’re a frequent user of your chainsaw (2-3 times per day), then you may need to get it cleaned up two times a month.

If you use your chainsaw sparingly and store it in a place safe from the elements, then you may not have to clean it for a month or two.

Final Word

There’s a long list of benefits that come from regularly cleaning your chainsaw.

Ensure you follow the steps to the letter, and you’ll get the best off your investment and keep hacking away at those lumps of wood.

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