Husqvarna 450 vs 455 – Which One You Should Buy in 2023?

Last Updated on January 17, 2023 by Sarker C. Weber

Buying a Husqvarna chainsaw is not easy when racking up tons of choices.

Of course, you have your sight somewhere, but maybe your purpose tells a different story.

Husqvarna is the better pick, but you need to sort it out while comparing Husqvarna 450 and Husqvarna 455.

Since the two saws entail a few identical features, we need to bring on a broad discussion.

So let’s come to know how those identical features can make a big difference.

Quick Overview of Husqvarna 455

The best parts of it are with an easy startup, flawless cutting woods right out of the box, and the chain tensioner is easy to run.

Overall, if you are using a chainsaw for the first time, we recommend nothing but Husqvarna. However, fixing your mind between 455 and 450 is a different story.

Let’s introduce the amazing thing about this model which is the larger chain bar.

The 20-inch chain bar allows you to rip off 24-inch trees, and it seems an easy bait for you.

Moreover, the chain bar speeds up pretty fast, up to 62.89 fts, and it only stops when running out of fuel.

When we check out the saw, we find it comes with 2.6 ounces of the bottle in the pre-mix order.

That being said, fuel comes to add for first-hand usage. However, you need to buy the chain oil and bar separately so that nothing costs that much, no worries.

Aside from that, here are the following available kits you will get your hands on them.

  • Air filter
  • 2 stroke oil
  • fuel filter
  • spark plug


  • Chop or cut more woods
  • More engine capacity
  • Less Vibration
  • Low Kickback
  • Bigger fuel tank


  • Somewhat heavier compared to 450 rancher

Quick Overview of Husqvarna 450

Husqvarna 450 is almost matching up the same features compared the previous one. It weighs the same tough work but has some drawbacks as well.

The good thing is it does not compensate for the X-Torq engine.

This one is a new and rising technology that ensures minimum pollutant emissions.

Moreover, the air filter makes the cleaning system perfect, kicking out the maximum debris.

Moreover, it includes the following key features even though the price is not matching up with the 455 huskies and they are:

  • Air Injection
  • Easy to Start
  • X-torq Engine
  • Smart Start

Like all modern saws, it has good safety features as well. 

So you can have a nice grip across the rear handle, and the chain brake immediately stops it using the inertia-activation process.

Do not frustrate with the additional features like having the air filter, spark plug, fuel plug, and 2-stroke oil because it comes with these additional features.

So what makes the difference with the husky 455? Well, to know about let’s finish the rest of the article.


  • Lightweight
  • Consume less fuel
  • Powerful Engine
  • Easy to use


  • Difficult to start

What’s the difference between Husqvarna 450 vs 455?

No worries, we will share all of the major and minor differences below. Well, there are a few differences in regard to the key features of the Husqvarna 455 and 450. But, unfortunately, if you go through the manufacturer’s whereabouts, you won’t find them all.

Engine Power

Husqvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw delivers more power compared to the Husqvarna 450 rancher model.

The saw gears immediately up, and you will come to know the roar with the roaring voice.

The 3.5 horsepower paves the way to cut almost every tree in the backyard.

Moreover, the engine produces 9600 RPM speed unleashes through the maximum torque power indeed. 

450 Rancher is not ahead of the 455 one in regards to delivering power. It has 3.2 horsepower, making it deliver 9000 RPM speed.

However, once you get your hands on it, you won’t come to sort out many differences.

Moreover, the X-torq features are still there to churn out immersive power.


These rancher models closely meet the performance point they fire up immediately and get started with fearless wood cutting with ease.

Moreover, you will get to see the Smart Start Technology (also found in 450), making it a real deal to start without any issues.

So we come to know even the beginner will get started with it as well.

But when it comes to comparing, we found 455 as a winner bait over Husqvarna 450 rancher. Because it has a bigger fuel tank and a more extended bar, making it a true competitor.

Durability & Design

Both of these units are made of high-quality ABS Plastic.

Aside from the body frame, the front handlebar is light but durable since it infused the stainless steel alloy, so you may take it anywhere.

The steel handlebar has been designed intelligently as you will hit the saw bar against the tree, then it gives extra support there.

Besides, the rear handlebar is wide enough, up to 7-inch made of ABS plastic.


You already know that Husqvarna 455 is more expensive compared to Husqvarna 450.

The things you only need to compensate with are the larger chainsaw bar and fuel tank.

If cutting down the maximum number of trees won’t be your biggest goal, we recommend the Husqvarna 450 ranchers.

Therefore, you can save some bucks without breaking the bank.

Fuel usage

Well, both come with 2.6 ounces of mixed gallon once they arrive at you. Moreover, they have 2-cycle-based gas oil that seems quite immersive to run, indeed.

However, the size of the fuel tank makes a little difference. Therefore, you can put more fuel for 455 huskies, but they mix the gas and oil within a 50:1 ratio.

The 455 ranchers have gotten a bigger space for lubricant usage.

Because it has almost 0.68 pints, whereas 450 has 0.55 pints. Since the fuel accommodation is bigger for 455 so it has 407 g/kWh of fuel consumption.

On the other hand, the predecessor has a 504 g/kWh capacity.


Husqvarna 455 offers a bigger fuel tank where you can put more lubricant.

Also, the bar is long enough turns out you are getting a portable chainsaw.

Ironically, having some cons 450 makes it lightweight, and thus 450 rancher is more portable.


Husqvarna 455 and Husqvarna 450 both are durable enough.

In addition, the manufacturer offers the same timeline for warranty.

More importantly, every infinitesimal to visible equipment falls under the warranty. 


Well, longer saw bars give edges to cut bigger trees but are hard to maintain. 

That being said, if you put or customize the 24-inch bar on 455, then you can utilize its maximum efficiency of 3.5 HP of it.

On the other hand, you will find the limitation not to exceed the saw bar length of 450 more than 20 inches.

However, its 3.2 HP won’t support more power, and keeping this in mind, the manufacturer limits it.

Thankfully, the smaller saw bar is easy to maintain and lightweight as well.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Do You Rely On Husqvarna?

Husqvarna is one of the industry leaders that churns out many types of equipment for five years and makes our life easier than before.

Here is why the brand Husqvarna is a trusted US-based manufacturer of commercial-grade products.

They churn out two phases of professional tools, (a) forest, (b) lawn and gardening tools. So, you can undoubtedly rely on it.

Can I put a longer bar on my Husqvarna chainsaw?

Yes, you can put a 24-inch bar on your husky, which allows you to cut 5 cords of firewood like butter.

However, to perform so, make sure you clean up the chain after every use as you need a sharp chain.

Is Husqvarna a good brand?

Husqvarna is a good brand for residential use, so we recommend it to the landowners. 

In case of heavy use or commercial use, it would be runners-up after John Deere.

What Chainsaw do professional loggers use?

Loggers who opt for a backyard cutting job prefer Husqvarna over Stihl machines because it is more lightweight and has an affordable rate to buy.

However, the rest of the maximum loggers love to have Stihl.


Differentiating between Husqvarna 455 and Husqvarna 450 is a hard nut to crack without using them beforehand. 

However, we brought forth the differences according to features that you may find in the comparison chart altogether.

Later on, we defined them one by one. Finally, we come to know what real users are raising hands or claiming poor remarks.

Overall, Husqvarna 455 is the right choice for us over 450 ranchers in terms of more power and fuel storage.

On the flip side, if portability is the main concern, opt for the runners-up Husqvarna 450.

Happy Sawing!