Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws | 100% Honest Comparison

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Trying to find a winner between Stihl and Husqvarna Chainsaw brand is not an easy task.

However, they both lead the preference of the consumers worldwide. And certainly, they both deserve that status.

But, as not all chainsaws are created equal, each brand has features that make them stand out…or not.

Lucky for all users, the competition has done nothing but improves their quality and innovations.

And, when it comes the time to buy or rent one of them, the decision may bring some serious dilemma.

Due to that, we will compare some of the most important features. They might lean the balance to one or another direction.

In any case, many features will provide you with elements that adjust to your personal preferences. So, let the battle begin.

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What elements should you consider to compare Stihl and Husqvarna’s chainsaws?

Although chainsaws are simple devices, they contain numerous parts. Also, manufacturers are continuously developing new features and adding new materials and similar.

So, there is a lot to compare. And, everything counts! Even the littlest detail can lean the balance in one way or another. Therefore, you shouldn’t avoid digging to the end.

However, every model from one brand has its counterpart in a model of the other brand.

Therefore, we could only say it is a 100% fair comparison by comparing those specific models.

Here we will compare the available features instead of particular features from every model.

With this information, you will expect if you make a detailed comparison of 2 similar models.

Take a look at what we’ll compare in detail;

  • Type of chainsaw
  • Country of origin and manufacture
  • Warranty
  • Extra-Features
  • Price
  • Design
  • Battery Power
  • Overall size of the chainsaws
  • Size of the gas tank

Types of chainsaws

When confronting the types of chainsaws, we can see that both have developed full lines of all types of chainsaws.

Moreover, they include electric models, either corded or cordless, and gas-powered chainsaws. So, for this matter, they are even!

Country of origin and manufacture

Stihl was a pioneer in mass-producing chainsaws, and it started in Germany. 

Hence, they have German engineering as a base of manufacture. On the other hand, Husqvarna started its production in Sweden, and its technology comes from there.

Nowadays, both brands already diversified their operations and have plants in the United States, Brazil, and others.

However, until now, Husqvarna is the only one with a manufacturing plant in China.

Apparently, there is not too much difference between them both when it comes to general technology.

However, German engineering seems to be a favorite due to the overall good reputation of German technology.

So, Stihl gets the point for being from Germany.


Husqvarna offers a standard 2 years warranty, and Stihl offers 2 or 3 years of warranty depending on the owner’s use of the product. This is to say, personal or professional use.

But Husqvarna takes the lead because starting in November 2019, it began to offer an extended warranty of up to 5 years for 2 stroke gas-powered chainsaws.

Consumers only need to buy pre-mixed fuel or 2 gas stroke oil when they purchase the chainsaw.

Without a doubt, this new extended warranty will influence some purchasers. Certainly, this will be used because gas-powered chainsaws usually require a lot of maintenance.

Commonly, they need to replace some parts by the second or third year. So, for this issue, Husqvarna takes the lead.

The downside is that the new warranty only covers gas-powered chainsaws. In this sense, the competition between both brands is hand in hand.

It seems that electric chainsaws might be better with Husqvarna but gas-powered models with Stihl.

Extra-Features of Stihl

Extra features come with the innovation of each brand. In this sense, they offer many of them, which include the following:




A mechanism to turn on gas-powered chainsaws easily and with less effort than traditional starting systems.

Quickstop Plus

This is a chain brake system that is easily activated in any position from the rear handle.


This system adds oil to all the critical areas and distributes it evenly through the entire chain. As a result, the chain requires less maintenance.

X2 Air Filtration

It provides more filtration capacity that reaches up to 99.96% and lasts 1 year without additional maintenance.

Anti-vibration system

Although it is a patented technology from the´50s, Stihl kept renovating it with new materials and positions in the chainsaw.

Extra-Features of Husqvarna



Low-Vib Antivibration

It helps to create a better cutting experience and reduces the impact on arms and hands.

Combined choke/stop control

It eases the way the chainsaws start and reduces the flooding.

Air Injection with centrifugal air cleaning

It is a centrifugal system that reduces the number of times you maintain the device for these matters.


This stands out for the quick way; it stops the chain when necessary.


It helps to reduce fuel consumption and gas emissions.

Although both brands try to cover similar areas of innovation, Stihl’s extra features are better developed and specified.

In addition, the OILOMATIC and the air filtration system are more efficient than their counterparts in Husqvarna. In this case, Stihl takes the lead.


When we analyze prices, the buying price is the first thing that comes to your mind.

However, in the long run, it is important to consider the warranty and maintenance costs too.

Regarding the initial price, both brands offer different sets of prices with several models.

And, at this point, Husqvarna offers lower prices than Stihl in a small percentage.

But you should be really careful when considering this issue because Stihl has such a variety of chainsaws that chances are that you can find a better value-price option among its products.

In addition, these are other issues you should consider:

Replacement parts

Both brands have similar prices for replacement parts. Besides, both are also manufacturing some of the parts in China to try to low the prices.

So, for this matter, they are equal.


As set above, the warranty for Stihl goes from 2 to 3 years, depending on the type of use.

On the other hand, Husqvarna offers less time but has a special offer that may reach up to 5 years for gas-powered models.

In conclusion, price is a very sensitive issue when you have to make your decision.

Therefore, you should check for the best value-price relation and find a model with all the features you need might be priceless.

In this sense, perhaps you have better chances to find it with Stihl models due to the wide range of models they offer.

Size of the gas tank

Husqvarna takes the lead with bigger gas tanks, resulting in more working time without adding new gas.

However, it also adds more weight to the equipment and results in more fatigue.

So, what may seem an advantage for Husqvarna at first, may turn to a disadvantage due to the extra weight.

Hence, if you want less weight in gas-powered chainsaws, you must go for the Stihl models.

Battery Power

Electric Cordless chainsaws are rapidly becoming very popular for all levels of cutters.

That is mostly due to the increased battery power and their extended duration.

For this issue, Husqvarna and Stihl went for Lithium-Ion technology. They are long-lasting options that may last more than 8 hours of charge.

In addition, both offer Battery backpacks that users can carry with them while working and replace them easily.

Also, the weight decreased with time, and users are discovering their benefits.

Homeowners were the first to try them, and more professional loggers, arborists, and cutters of all types are starting to change their preferences.

However, gas-powered options are still among the most wanted.

In conclusion, both brands have a similar capacity when it comes to batteries.

So, you can be confident with the batteries for Husqvarna and Stihl.

Overall size of the chainsaws

Here the overall size is referred to the device. For this criterium, Stihl seems to have smaller models.

But Husqvarna can compete with a couple of electric models. On the other hand,

Husqvarna gas-powered chainsaws seem to be bigger due to the extra size of the gas tanks.

So, it is not a black or white answer for the sizes. It will depend on the model you choose.


When it comes to the design, Stihl chainsaws seem to be more ergonomic.

As they have more models, there is also a better chance to find one model that fits all your needs.

But it frequently happens that Husqvarna users find these models very comfortable and easy to handle.

Stihl vs Husqvarna Chainsaws Comparison Table

Here’s a load-down of how the two brands match up against each other. Run through the info before getting more facts below;



Types of Chainsaw


Country of origin and manufacture



Stihl (gas-powered), Husqvarna (electric)





Size of the gas tank


Battery Power


Overall size of the chainsaws




How to choose among all the features

It is not easy to go for one model with all these features, especially for first-time buyers.

So, how to choose? There are some steps you can follow to make your decision. Check this:

Renting a chainsaw

When you rent a chainsaw, you get the opportunity to feel the equipment by yourself.

That is very important for this type of equipment that is very sensitive to feeling.

It doesn´t matter the models or size; chainsaws are cutting beasts that require you to confront the power it produces.

Therefore, feeling its power and testing the features yourself will give you a better approach to what each model can do.

Going through the website

Stihl and Husqvarna have their own websites. And they offer a lot of information that can help you discover new features, functions, prices, and designs.

Stihl´s website is very detailed, but how they classify the information might be a little complicated.

However, when you find what you need, the level of detail can be very helpful. On the contrary, Husqvarna´s site is more simple and easier to find information.

But the level of detail is not as good as Stihl. Therefore, if you are trying to decide between these 2 brands, you should enter both sites.

Finding a dealer near you

Dealers are the best source of information and customer support.

For example, if you are going to buy a chainsaw, you better find a dealer next to you because you will surely need it at some point.

They also provide original replacement parts or can advise you on many issues.

Frequently Asked Question on Stihl and Husqvarna Chainsaw Brands

Q – Can I exchange parts from one brand to another?

At first, it is not a good idea. Especially for gas-powered chainsaws, specifications might be very sensitive and delicate.

However, some parts, like the bar or the chain, might fit in one brand. It will depend on the model..

Q – Which brand is more durable?

Although both brands have good durability, it seems that Husqvarna leads the preference for this subject.

This brand has been manufacturing chainsaws for more than 150 years, proving that they last longer.

Q – Can I buy any of these brands online?

Yes, you can find them online. Husqvarna recently launched its online store, and Stihl has its own store too. Also, you can find some models on Amazon.


Although there are many brands of chainsaws in the market. When you check the features and reputation of both Chainsaw brands, it is easy to understand why they lead the market.

Using top-notch technology and offering dedicated customer support, they maintain existing customers’ loyalty and new customers. 

Yet, despite this excellence, they can still compete with fair prices.

Lucky for you, whichever brand you decide to choose, you will be right.

Both brands can win the battle if you find the most comfortable option for your tasks.

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