Top 4 Best Chainsaw For Farm Use In 2023- Review & Guides

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In order to cut up some of the different types of wood, there is no better alternative than the chainsaw.

This tool lets you work smoothly and offers you to make some cuts or destroy massive-sized trees and woods without burning the midnight oil!

Having an efficient piece of chainsaw is a “must” if you work on a ranch or farm. This tool undoubtedly will help you to complete your woodcutting task in the way you want.

But, you just can’t take a piece of saw from the market, you need plenty of research. Are you feeling worried?

Well, cast your worries away, as we have made this write-up to show you the best chainsaw for farm use.

We did the hard work, so you won’t have to do a lot of research to know which one is the best. Just make sure to read this review from head to toe.

4 Best Farm Chainsaw Reviews

It’s time to cut to the chase. Now, we are going to show you our favorite chainsaws that we picked after hours and hours of analysis. So, let’s move right now to the comprehensive reviews:

1. Husqvarna 455 Rancher gas chainsaw for farm use – Top Pick

Whether you’re cutting trees on your farm or building the barnyard in the ranch, the 455 Rancher can be the best farm and ranch chainsawand that too for obvious reasons.

Let’s talk about the engine first. Its 2-stroke 55.5cc engine is designed to take heavy pressures with ease.

And the bar? It is around 20 inches, so it’s clear that you won’t have to work really hard at all to cut up wood or big-sized trees on your farm.

Even if you’re constructing fences in your ranch, this chainsaw has got your back.

The beast includes an intertie-activated chain brake for operating the tool with maximum safety.

Besides, the chain tensioner stands on the side of this saw, which helps you adjust the chain pretty quickly while working.

So, even if you’re looking for the best chainsaw for your farm, you can count on this model from Husqvarna with your eyes closed.

Despite being one of the most powerful chainsaws, it provides less vibration during the work period, the credit goes to the efficient LowVib feature it packs.


  • Packs a powerful and long-lasting engine
  • Allows users to clean up or replace the air filter within a snap
  • Provides less vibration despite being very powerful
  • Consumes a small amount of fuel


  • Costly

2. SALEM MASTER 6220H gas chainsaw – Budget Friendly

At number 2 on the best chainsaw for farm list, we’ve got a gas-powered chainsaw from Salem Master.

Yep, talking about the 6220H that has to be in your arsenal if you want to take your sawing experience to a new stage.

When it comes to power, the champ offers a 62cc superior engine for which you can utilize on all of your projects, whether it’s on your farm or on your ranch.

Cutting the timber and building fences is just a piece of cake from now on.

Forest logging, wood carving, ice sculpturing, milling, and firewood cutting, you just name it. This beast is hands down one of the toughest deals we’re talking about.

Besides, the low kickback indicates that you’ll be able to maintain your stability while starting the chainsaw. Now, that’s a plus you should count.

When you turn the device off, the chain stops immediately adding more safety.

What about portability? Well, even though the saw packs a bulky structure, you still can get enough comfort and hold it with ease while cutting up, thanks to its comfy slip-resistant handle.


  • Cheaper than the rest of our picks
  • Has got many safety features
  • Better option for a variety of projects
  • Anti-slip gripping area


  • A bit bulky!

3. CRAFTSMAN 41BY4216791 Farm Chainsaw

We’ve seen lots of farmers and ranchers prefer gas-powered chainsaws over corded ones and cordless ones.

Now, you did check out one gas-powered chainsaw earlier. However, if you want to take a look at a different brand, let’s have a look at another one from Craftsman.

You’re not going to cut crops with your chainsaw, will you? It’s trees and woods you’re going to deal with.

Well, thanks to the low-kickback chain and 18-inch bar the chainsaw comes with, it can chop up almost all types of wood and trees without much effort.

Its 42cc 2-cycle engine allows the chainsaw to cut the toughest fences, woods, and trees with full throttle.

Your hands won’t get any fatigue anytime soon while holding this tool since the handle is molded with soft-padded rubber.

The saw features an easy-to-pull starting system, allowing you to start it up within a few seconds. An auto-chain oiler is designed to maintain the right amount of lubricant on the anti-kickback chain.

Since a gas-powered version is a bit hassle to operate, the manufacturer includes a few safety features to cut down the chance of unexpected accidents.

However, you should never forget to put on protective dresses while running a saw.


  • Less vibration
  • Takes just a few seconds to start up
  • Loaded with a couple of safety features
  • Rubber-molded handle erases hands fatigue


  • The Chain tensioner seems pretty loos

4. Greenworks CS40L210 Battery Powered Farm Chainsaw – Runner Up

We’re wrapping up the review section with a lightweight chainsaw that plays hard when you work hard on the farm and ranch. Speaking of the CS40L210 from Greenworks.

Since it weighs only 9.8 pounds, you won’t have a hard time maneuvering it easily while you chop off the trees, and woods or construct your barnyard.

For ensuring better performance, this little champ equips a brushless motor with a 14-inch anti-kickback bar.

So you see, even if it’s light in weight, you can cut down the trees, and woods, or cut down anything to rebuild your farm and ranch.

The fact that you will get both a chain tensioner and an automatic oiler system to complete your work in a breeze is the cherry on top.

The 40V, 2.0Ah battery is included to help you make 60 cuts (per charge). Since it features an electric start option, you won’t have a hard time starting it up at all.


  • Weighs only 9.8 pounds
  • Equipped with a wrap-around handle
  • Capable of making 60 cuts in one charge
  • Ease of use and maintain
  • Features a specific indicator to show you the battery life


  • Not much friendly with heavy task

What to Look for Before Picking up the Best Chainsaw for Farm?

farm and ranch chainsaw

You know, things are getting way too complicated when it comes to picking up a specific chainsaw.

Since the market packs plenty of different options, it could be tough for every person to choose a single piece of saw between them.

This is why we are here with a few necessary pieces of information, which will help you to select the best farm chainsaw without much effort.

So, let’s see what you have to look for.

Power Type 

Considering the power type should be your first job if you are looking for quality a farm chainsaw. For heavy-duty or rough uses, a gas-powered chainsaw is always better.

On the other side, if price and weight are what you are concerned about, make sure to choose a cordless version instead of other options.

Now, the choice is yours!

How much power do you need?

The saw that you want to buy should be equipped with a lot of power. If not, you won’t accomplish your sawing task in the way you really want.

Consider picking up a saw with a powerful engine, and the range of power should be around 42cc to 62cc.

While you are in search of a battery-powered saw, you should focus on the battery, and the wise decision is to pick up between 40V to 60V.

Bar Length

It’s actually not the thing that you should prioritize most. However, you have to focus on the size, whether you are an expert logger or DIY-er.

Picking the right size will help you to complete your whole task without facing any issues.

So, Coming back to the bar size, If you are a professional sawyer, we recommend you to choose between 16 – 24 inches. 

Should be Comfortable

Comfort relies on two factors, weight and gripping area. It means that you buy a saw, you should check the overall weight, which should be comparatively light.

Besides, the handle, which is molded with rubber, is way too comfortable than the typical “plastic handles.”

You see, both weight and handle can help you to maintain your comfort level while sawing. So, you can’t ignore these valuable factors at all. 

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, then you can choose a chainsaw between 10 to 14-inch bar.

Noise and Vibration 

Sooth to say, you have to face a bit of noise and vibration while sawing.

Especially if you pick a powerful saw, it’s a bitter truth that you have to tolerate a certain amount of vibration and noise.

But don’t worry. You can easily subtract the amount of vibration by picking up a saw with a 3-point anti-vibration system.

Also, if you want to keep yourself away from extreme noise, go with a saw with an anti-noise feature.

Safety Features

Do you think operating a saw is very simple? Not true, it could be simple for experts, but if you are very new, then the accident could occur at any time due to the lack of knowledge.

To minimize the risk, make sure to go with the one that packs a couple of safety features.

For example, an anti-kickback chain, auto tensioner, auto-oiler system, easy-to-start technology, emergency guard, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of saw is more convenient when it comes to portability?

Without a doubt, you should go with a cordless version instead of others if portability is your concern.

These types of saws basically pack a compact and lightweight structure so that users can transfer it with ease from job to job.

For farm use, what is the best chainsaw?

We have indeed so many options out there. But according to our in-depth research, Husqvarna 455 Rancher could be the best chainsaw for a farm. 

To get rid of excessive noise while sawing, which one should I pick?

Dealing with extreme noise is a bummer, especially if you are a newcomer in the field of sawing.

To get rid of that situation, we prefer to choose an electric chainsaw from Greenworks, which comes with an anti-noise feature to keep you away from the noise.

Is it necessary to wear goggles while cutting up?

Of course, it can defend your eyes from entering small dust particles. So putting on safety goggles is obligatory if you don’t want to throw caution to the wind while cutting up wood.

What bar size should I consider while buying?

It’s all up to you and your requirements. If you are a professional sawyer, make sure to choose between a 16-24 inches bar.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, then you can easily make your job done with a 14-inch bar.

Final Verdict

On the list of the best chainsaw for farms, the Husqvarna 455 Rancher takes the front position quite easily.

It has got a superior engine, is made for long, able to cut up within a short period of time, and most importantly, this son of a gun packs an Intertie activated chain-brake so that you can maintain adequate safety at the time of sawing.

Since it equips lots of power, it could get overheated at times!

There is no surprise that the Greenworks CS40L210 stands in second place on our top-priority chart.

Lightweight, compact, multi-functional, you name it, this saw features a 14-inch bar to make you capable of cutting a variety of woods in a breeze. 

SALEM MASTER 6220G is for those who are tight on cash. Despite being cheap, this saw offers a 62cc engine to make it ideal for professional lumberjacks.

Some users complained about its bulky structure, but if you are a master in sawing, it won’t let you face much trouble at all.

Happy Farming!

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