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Chainsaws come in different shapes and sizes, but when it comes to handles, there’re only two types of chainsaw out there. You could get a top handle vs rear handle chainsaw for your cutting and pruning needs.

For your cutting, woodwork, pruning, operations to be a success, it’s a must you pick the right-handled chainsaw. When you make a wrong choice for a chainsaw, there’s no doubt you’d have to spend more cash on the saw you actually need.

So with all this pinned down, let’s take a look at what qualities each chainsaw has, and which is the perfect choice for your needs.

Top Handle Chainsaw

Top Handle Chainsaw

Top handle chainsaws, as the name suggests, are cutting tools with handles placed right on top of the engine. It’s mostly used for handling various off ground-level cutting operations.  

And to show more features of this chainsaw, here’s a complete set of other qualities that make the top handle chainsaw a stand-out choice for cutting.

Upsides of Top Handle Chainsaws


When you’re in dire need of a chainsaw with an effortless level of operability, the top handle chainsaw is your best bet.

It comes with many easy-to-use features, and is one of the most fascinating elements is its ease of handling. With little to no effort required to get this chainsaw started, it’s high service potential is given a huge boost.

Easier management

It’s no secret some chainsaw operators find it tricky to store or transport their chainsaw. Most of the issues arise with the weight of your saw.


The size of top handle chainsaws also greatly differs from that of other saws. These saws come with designs meant to be easily used in varying conditions.

Latest builds come much smaller than older models, and it’s a testament to the quality these saws provide.

Easy response

There’s no one alive who doesn’t love a machine with the smoothest and most comfortable response.

A lot of top handle chainsaw engines are designed to be lightweight but durable, based on the jobs their design specs and function outline.

Based on the urgent need a lot of chainsaw operators have for a smooth-running chainsaw, top handles rank as top-notch among chainsaws.


When long-term cutting is what you seek, there’s a higher chance of a top handle chainsaw performing much better. These saws are made to handle smooth operations in tough conditions. And they’re also designed to withstand various demanding cutting activities.

Downsides of Top Handle Chainsaws


Energy consumption is a huge factor to consider when in need of a high-performing chainsaw. When it comes to top-handle chainsaws, they’re demanding when it comes to using up power.

Regardless of the fuel type used, these machines perform heavier tasks and demand a lot of power over a short time to keep running.

Advanced Skill Level

An unskilled individual could come off seriously hurt with a top-handle chainsaw. These saws are ideal for cutters with a good amount of prior experience before usage.

Rear Handle Chainsaw

Rear Handle Chainsaw

A rear handle chainsaw’s got its handle placed behind the machine. This chainsaw gets handled with both hands, and it’s what you’ll regularly see for on-ground cutting operation.

Upsides of Rear Handle Chainsaw

Smoother handling

These chainsaws have the smoothest form of operation. Based on its design, more balance is assured for the operator. With more balanced assured, it becomes easier for the operator to slice stuff up.

Stronger grip

With a stronger hold on your chainsaw, it becomes less likely for accidents to occur. Since you’ll get more grips, this saw is safer to handle for a vast number of chainsaw operators. 

Easier controls

This chainsaw has more user-friendly design. With the controls from this machine easy-to-handle, more operators will be able to manage making use of a rear handle chainsaw.

Perfect for any skill level

It’s no secret there’s a preference for an easy to operate chainsaw across skill levels. And rear handle chainsaws come as perfect for any operator.


These chainsaws come as very durable for their applications. There’re rear handle chainsaws that could get huge trees down in a matter of minutes. These machines also come made with some of the toughest materials to ensure smoother, more comfortable cutting power.

Downsides of Rear Handle Chainsaw

Bounded Use

In most cases, it’s difficult to apply a rear handle chainsaw to a cutting job. For example, it’s a tad tricky to use a rear handle saw in cutting at greater heights.

These saws are built for ground cutting only, and limit their versatility somewhat.

No flexibility in usage

When there’s a need to make use of a chainsaw with more flexibility assured, it’s difficult to manage with a rear handle chainsaw. This saw has to be used with both hands. Even if this provides better handling, it limits the user’s ability to do anything else till cutting is done.


For long-term operations, these chainsaws could be greatly tasking on your arms. Based on the weight distribution across your arms, this chainsaw could place extra stress on your back.


You’ve seen the info needed to differentiate between the two type of chainsaws. Make a choice depending on what you need, these chainsaws are built to satisfy you with any heavy-duty cutting job you’ve got!